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2014 Season roster changes for NA and EU LCS teams | LoL Esports

2014 Season roster changes for NA and EU LCS teams

Note: Purple indicates removed from main roster, red indicates added to main roster, and green indicates changed positions. The following information is subject to change.

North America

Cloud 9

2013 2014
Top Balls Balls Top
Jungler Meteos Meteos Jungler
Mid Hai Hai Mid
Marksman Sneaky Sneaky Marksman
Support LemonNation LemonNation Support

XDG Gaming (Formerly known as Team Vulcun)

2013 2014
Top Sycho Sid Benny (Sycho Sid) Top
Jungler Xmithie Xmithie Jungler
Mid mandatorycloud mandatorycloud Mid
Marksman Zuna Zuna Marksman
Support BloodWater BloodWater Support

Team SoloMid

2013 2014
Top Dyrus Dyrus Top
Jungler TheOddOne TheOddOne Jungler
Mid Reginald Bjergsen Mid
Marksman WildTurtle WildTurtle Marksman
Support Xpecial Xpecial Support

Team Curse

2013 2014
Top Voyboy Quas Top
Jungler SaintVicious IWillDominate Jungler
Mid Nyjacky Voyboy Mid
Marksman Cop Cop Marksman
Support Edward Zekent Support

Team Dignitas

2013 2014
Top KiWiKiD Cruzerthebruzer Top
Jungler Crumbzz Crumbzz Jungler
Mid scarra scarra Mid
Marksman imaqtpie imaqtpie Marksman
Support Patoy KiWiKiD Support

Counter Logic Gaming

2013 2014
Top Nien Nien Top
Jungler bigfatlp dexter1 Jungler
Mid LiNk LiNk Mid
Marksman Doublelift Doublelift Marksman
Support Chauster Aphromoo Support

Team Coast

2013 2014
Top ZionSpartan ZionSpartan Top
Jungler NintendudeX NintendudeX Jungler
Mid Shiptur Shiptur Mid
Marksman DontMashMe WizFujiin Marksman
Support Daydreamin Daydreamin Support

Evil Geniuses (formerly known as Velocity eSports)

2013 2014
Top Cris Innox Top
Jungler Nk Inc Snoopeh Jungler
Mid Vileroze Pobelter Mid
Marksman frommaplestreet yellowpete Marksman
Support Evaniskus Krepo Support



2013 2014
Top sOAZ sOAZ Top
Jungler Cyanide Cyanide Jungler
Mid xPeke xPeke Mid
Marksman puszu Rekkles Marksman
Support YellOwStaR YellOwStaR Support


2013 2014
Top zorozero Myw Top
Jungler dexter1 ImSoFresh Jungler
Mid Nukeduck ShLaYa Mid
Marksman Tabzz Crazycaps Marksman
Support Mithy Zeriouz Support

Gambit Gaming

2013 2014
Top Darien Darien Top
Jungler Diamondprox Diamondprox Jungler
Mid Alex Ich Alex Ich Mid
Marksman Genja Genja Marksman
Support Voidle Edward Support

Alliance (Formerly known as Evil Geniuses)

2013 2014
Top Wickd Wickd Top
Jungler Snoopeh Shook Jungler
Mid Froggen Froggen Mid
Marksman yellowpete Tabzz Marksman
Support Krepo Kazmitch Support


2013 2014
Top Kerp kev1n Top
Jungler Araneae Araneae Jungler
Mid ForellenLord Kerp Mid
Marksman Creaton Creaton Marksman
Support Jree Jree Support

Ninjas in Pyjamas

2013 2014
Top Mimer zorozero Top
Jungler Malunoo hyrqBot Jungler
Mid Bjergsen Nukeduck Mid
Marksman Freeze Freeze Marksman
Support Deficio Mithy Support

SK Gaming

2013 2014
Top kev1n fredy122 Top
Jungler hyrqBot Svenskeren Jungler
Mid ocelote Jesiz Mid
Marksman CandyPanda CandyPanda Marksman
Support Nyph Nyph Support


2013 2014
Top Kubon Kubon Top
Jungler Mokate Mokate Jungler
Mid Czaru Czaru Mid
Marksman Makler Makler Marksman
Support Libik Libik Support


  • Out of 16 teams, 3 kept the same roster (Cloud 9, XD.GG, and MYM).
  • 3 teams changed their name/organization (XD.GG, Velocity eSports and Alliance).
  • 1 team changed their entire roster (Lemondogs).
  • 3 players switched positions (Voyboy, KiWiKiD, and Kerp).
  • 7 teams' bot lanes stayed together (MYM, SK, Alternate, EG, TSM, XDG, C9).
  • 1 player changed his name (Sycho Sid is now known as Benny).
  • 3 players became coaches (Reginald, Saintvicious, and Deficio).
  • 1 player officially retired from professional gaming (Chauster).
  • 5 players changed regions (Snoopeh, Yellowpete, Krepo, dexter1, and Bjergsen to NA).
  • 8 players are currently teamless (DontMashMe, NK Inc, VileRoze, frommaplestreet, Evaniskus, Voidle, ForellenLord, and puszu).
  • 4 players became substitute players (Patoy, bigfatlp, ocelote, and Malunoo).
  • 3 players joined a non-LCS team (Nyjacky, Cris, and Mimer).

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Emily Tran is a freelance writer for Riot Games. Follow her @NyxRose on Twitter.

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