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Ask The Pros: Gravity's Altec | LoL Esports

Ask The Pros: Gravity's Altec

Ask The Pro is an ongoing series on, where we ask a pro player questions from the community. The player then picks the next pro the community will get to ask questions. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to submit your questions for the next Q&A!

In our last Ask The Pro interview, we talked with Nicolaj "Incarnati0n" Jensen about Cloud9's struggles and moving from Solo Queue to the LCS.

He also had a question for Gravity's AD carry, Johnny "Altec" Ru.

Incarnati0n: Having moved from a struggling team like Winterfox onto a successful team like Gravity, do you think you’re playing better on Gravity or do you think your teammates are the bigger difference?

Altec: I don't think I'm playing better on Gravity than I was on Winterfox. A lot of my success is based on how the team works together, and it's a lot easier to do that on Gravity. On Winterfox, we had different views on how to play the game, so we would never be on the same page. Many people think I'm the ace on Gravity, but I don't think I am. Everyone just does their job.

Altec in the Beginning

Hyac: Has it been a difficult process to get where you are now? What have been the highs and lows?

A: It's been a tough ride. I never thought that I'd grow up and become a pro gamer. My parents were against the decision to fly to LA to play in tournaments, but I ended up showing them results. Now they support me 100% and we always keep in touch.

My lowest moments were when, on my previous LCS teams, we ended up in relegations and it was a constant struggle to challenge the top teams. I'm happy where I am now. Battling to show that Gravity can be a top contender in NA and even for Worlds is one of my proudest moments.

Bambi: How has working with coaching staff changed your personal play?

A: Working with coaches has been pretty hit or miss. Since coaches are relatively new, I don't know what to expect from them. As for David "Cop" Roberson, he used to be a pro ADC player and the information he gives me has helped me break some stupid habits.

Royson: What is your daily routine like?

A: My daily routine is to (1) Wake up before noon to shower and get food. (2) Scrims start at 12 PM and end at 7 PM. (3) Get food again and play Solo Queue until 3 AM. (4) Wash up and sleep. (5) Rinse and repeat!

Altec in the LCS

Headpat: Who's the friendliest player on Gravity, and in the LCS?

A: The friendliest player is Cop (if that counts), but everyone is really chill. Outside of Gravity, I think TSM's support, Jang-sik "Lustboy" Ham, is really friendly. He and I have gotten pretty close now, even though his English isn't the best. We still find ways to crack jokes and hang out.

Atlas: Does it feel weird to play against Dong-jin "Helios" Shin and Eugene "Pobelter" Park after playing with them on Winterfox last Split?

A: It does feel kind of weird to play against them. When we were on the same team, a lot of stuff didn't work out, and I'm just really glad that everyone is happy where they are and doing really well.

On stage, I don't think about them as former teammates. I'm playing against my friends.

Jason: Who do you think is the best ADC in NA? Why?

A: The best ADC in NA right now is Gwang-jin "Piglet" Chae. Throughout the whole Split, his play has been really consistent and on point. His laning pressure and ability to farm up to carry the game stands out the most. He knows how to push his advantage when he has a lead.

Altec in the Bot Lane

Stealth: Why don't you play Ashe? Do you think she's bad?

A: I don't think Ashe is a good pick in the current meta. She's a very dangerous pick and doesn't provide as much utility or damage as other ADC champions. The biggest downside is that she has no escape and has to rely on her Flash for good positioning.

Brendan: Can Ashe switch to red trinket because she has Hawkshot for vision?

A: On Ashe -- or any ADC -- it's okay to build any trinket, depending on what you need. Personally, I always start out with yellow trinket, then swap to red, then blue.

Yellow trinket early gives you wards to prevent ganks. Red trinket in the mid game lets you deny enemy vision and pressure objectives. Blue trinket in the late game lets you avoid face-checking.

Karlo: When you're playing ADC in Solo Queue, what is your favorite champion to have as support?

A: Any champion that has a strong laning phase. Like Thresh, Leona, Alistar, and Janna, who allow me to play really aggressive to try and shut down the enemy ADC.

Halo: With all of the discussion about the current situation of ADCs, which metas do you think was the best and the worst for ADCs?

A: The best meta for ADCs was when they just needed to farm and would end up so strong that they could 1 vs. 5 the enemy team. I'm really good at farming so I enjoyed that meta.

Right now, the meta is pretty bad for ADCs. For me, it feels like I can farm up and do damage. But, if the enemy's tanks get ahead, I can't deal any damage to them -- even if I hit them 1,000 times.

Dylan: Which champions do you consider to be top tier in the ADC role?

A: Kalista, Sivir, Tristana, and Corki. All of these champions are really strong both in and out of lane.

Thomas: Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv on champions like Caitlyn, Tristana, and Jinx?

A: I personally think the best route right now is to get Statikk Shiv early and swap it out for Phantom dancer in the late game. Statikk Shiv gives you an early power spike and provides bonus damage and wave clear.

On most champions, I like getting Statikk Shiv as my second item, because it allows you to complete the next item 300-600 gold faster, due to Avarice Blade's passive and the price difference between Stattik Shiv and Phantom Dancer.

Altec in the City of Angels

Leo: Which do you like better: Los Angeles or Vancouver? Why?

A: Vancouver for sure! It was where I was born and raised. I really love the bipolar weather that Vancouver has -- I can have a mix of rain and sun! LA is way too hot for me, and I hate the traffic!

Tom: How does it feel to be my Fantasy LCS secret gold mine? Thanks!

A: It's pretty sweet that a lot of Fantasy LCS players picked me in their drafts. You made the smart choice by drafting me!

Ryan: Do you have a nemesis? Who is it and why?

A: Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. He has really good lane presence and I always feel pressured when I play against him. He's able to play around the fact that I'm pressured and get a really good CS lead throughout the three Splits I've played against him.

Against any other ADC, I feel like I can get away with laning and farming. Individually he has always performed better than me when I play against him. Even if our team won, I lost.

LoLesports: What pro player would you want to answer questions next? Would you like to ask him anything?

A: Enemy Esports' ADC, Brian "Otter" Baniqued: You've worked really hard the past few years to have a shot in the LCS. Do you think you evolved as a player now that you've competed in the next threshold of competitive play?

Josh Augustine's favorite champion is Thresh, he's never enjoyed a Darius, and he will always go for the kill, even when he knows he shouldn't. He currently works as a game designer on EverQuest Next at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.

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