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Ask The Pros: TSM's TheOddOne | LoL Esports

Ask The Pros: TSM's TheOddOne

Ask The Pro is a new series on, where we ask a pro player questions from the community. The player then picks the next pro the community will get to ask questions. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to submit your questions for the next Q&A!

Pro Experience

Sam: What has been your most memorable moment as a pro gamer?

TheOddOne: The first LAN event I went to, Season 1 Worlds at DreamHack… The first LAN event is the one you remember the best, because you finally get to go to a different country. You finally get to meet your team in real life. You finally play in front of a crowd.

Jeremy: If you were forced to play for a different team, which would you want to play on?

T: The easy answer would be Cloud 9, because they live close. Logically, I’d hope to be on that team. But maybe Fnatic... We’ve been to a lot of events together and they’re pretty chill guys. sOAZ is pretty cool.

Chris: If you were forced to play a position other than jungler professionally, what would you play?

T: I’d probably enjoy top lane, because it’s my style of play. I play the front liner that soaks up damage and hopefully the people behind me are doing damage.

Alex: Who is the jungler you respect most in the world?

T: Everyone always says Bengi and Kakao, but I don’t know. I haven’t played against them enough…. Mine would be Diamondprox from Gambit. He’s been playing for a while now and he’s still really good. Him and Cyanide.

Abdullah: You've become more aggressive this season. It that due to shift in the meta?

T: It’s somewhat a shift in how the game is played. Supports can’t buy five wards in bot lane and expect to win anymore. [Last season], the first four minutes of a jungler's game was farming, because you were probably going to step on a ward.

The champions that are strong right now are [damage dealers]. You have to play aggressive if you play a damage jungler. If you succeed early, you’ll do much more damage later in teamfights. All the junglers seem more aggressive. I had to adapt, or else I’d be left behind.

In The Jungle

Jacobs: What is the single most important aspect of jungling?

T: In competitive play, it's taking objectives, because that eventually gets you the win. You can get fed and still lose if you give up every tower, Dragon, and Baron.

But in solo queue, it’s mostly about yourself. Don’t care about anyone else… Roll over people with your thousands of gold because you’ve been ganking the same lane all game. Objectives are usually traps anyway. Your team will screw up Baron or Dragon.

Jon: Who is the best jungler to carry yourself in solo queue with?

T: The technical answer is anything if you’re good at it. People play Trundle, Fiddle, even Teemo all the way to Challenger. If you’re really good at something, you just have to figure out how to position yourself, how to get your team ahead, and how to use your advantage.

A better answer is to pick something that works at the highest level of play, like Kha’Zix or Lee Sin. Kha'Zix is easy to carry in solo queue. Vi is an easy one, too. If those are too mechanically demanding, there’s always Wukong. Wukong can easily get really far in solo queue because he outscales a lot of people if you don’t punish him early.

Jayce: What is the most crucial part of a kit that makes a jungler viable in this meta?

T: At my level of play, right now it’s about how to get impact in the early game. If you’re able to gank well pre-six, you’re good. The second part is being really good past level six. Champions like Pantheon, Kha’Zix, Evelynn, Elise, and Lee Sin are really strong right now because they’re not weak pre-six, and they’re really useful after six. Some champions don’t have both of those factors.

Timothy: When will you bring back Maokai?

T: I don’t know. He’s old now. He’s seen the world already, and he’s letting the other champions play. His kit is awful pre-six now, because he gets destroyed by the strong junglers I named before. He does a lot of AoE damage, like Zac or Nautilus, but when you’re dueling someone in the jungle or doing a gank top, AoE damage isn’t very useful.

Getting Personal

Miguel: Where does your hatred of yordles stem from?

T: They just seem annoying. It’s not like I have something against small people--I like dwarves. I just can’t stand gnomes.

Yordles, dude. They’re acting all cute in the middle of Summoner’s Rift where Tryndamere and Garen are battling it out. Teemo’s just acting cute and planting mushrooms while everyone’s dying. Maybe I hate happiness. "People are dying here, Teemo! You gotta help us!"

And then mushrooms, man. Who does that? Plants mushrooms around just so people will walk into them. It could kill a rabbit that might walk by, you know?

Teemo literally is the devil. Then he hides behind his happy mask where he’s just smiling at you. Even when he’s dead, he’s smiling. You’d think he’d be a little sad after that, but not him. "Sorry I just wiped out the entire wildlife population, but, oh well. I’m Teemo. Apparently I’m exempt from that."

Jelly: If you had to choose to be one Yordle for a day, who would you be?

T: I guess Ziggs. If I’m going to do the whole war-crime thing, I might as well go all the way and toss bombs and act crazy all day. At least Ziggs understands that people are fighting. He’s not happy about it. He even blows up when he dies, because he’s like, "Yeah, might as well go all in." That’s respectable.

Marton: After watching your streams, I always wonder if you say the same silly/funny comments during LCS matches as well?

T: A long time ago, we used to be more relaxed. But if I started making jokes in the middle of the game, that might disrupt the team's coordination and get my team wiped. You don’t want to say anything that would disrupt the concentration of your team.

LoLesports: What pro player would you want to answer questions next? Would you like to ask him anything?

T: Darien on Gambit. I don’t know enough about Darien. Do you ever care that sometimes you have to be sacrificed for objectives?

Josh Augustine's favorite champion is Thresh, he's never enjoyed a Darius, and he will always go for the kill, even when he knows he shouldn't. He currently works as a game designer on EverQuest Next at Sony Online Entertainment. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.

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