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CaliTrlolz8: one shot at the LCS | LoL Esports

CaliTrlolz8: one shot at the LCS

With a new season comes new stars and new stories. Here is one of the players you should look out for in 2015!

Team: Team 8
Region: North America
Position: Top

CaliTrlolz8 is the heart and soul of Team 8.

Though the team wasn't the most hyped during Challenger Series 2, after their playoff wins they were thought to be the most likely to qualify -- largely because of their star top laner. After qualifying for the LCS, there were myriad questions revolved around Steven "CaliTrlolz8" Kim.

"I honestly thought I was just going back to school up until I learned how it feels to play on the LCS stage." - CaliTrlolz8

Going into 2014, CaliTrlolz8 knew that at the end of the year, he would start pharmaceutical school. Given that fact, his team qualifying into the LCS would be melancholy -- he would help secure their spot, but would never play in the LCS himself. "[Not having Cali] would definitely hurt us," explained teammate Jun "Dodo8" Kang. "Our gameplay was built around Cali and he was the shot-caller."

But as Cali explains it, that wasn't how it played out. "When we played in the NACS Playoffs Final and Promotion matches on stage, all the vibe and feelings about the stage made me feel that this is something I do not want to miss out on." One of Cali's friends created a petition that asked the Dean of his program to defer his enrollment for one year -- something that's very unlikely to be granted.

It worked. "By reaching out to the community and the school," Cali explained, "I won the approval to be an exception to the school policy and get promised re-admission after withdrawal for a year."

With only one year to make it count in the LCS, and as one of the most intelligent players in League of Legends, shot calling CaliTrlolz8 is sure to have a huge impact on Summoners Rift in 2015.

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