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Copenhagen Wolves forfeit their match against ROCCAT | LoL Esports

Copenhagen Wolves forfeit their match against ROCCAT

Today, the Copenhagen Wolves have forfeited their match against ROCCAT resulting in a win for ROCCAT.


Copenhagen Wolves are unable to field a full team due to player illness.

While the Copenhagen Wolves have substitutes on their roster, they did not have an eligible substitute available to start in today's match.

Without being able to field a team of 5 players, Copenhagen Wolves must forfeit their match.

Their substitute is eligible to play starting Friday 13th June, 2014.

Relevant Rules

3.3 Roster Submission

At a time designated by LCS officials before the start of each split, each team must submit their roster to the LCS, including five starters and at least two reserves. Teams must submit an Eligibility Form and Summary Sheet for each starter at that time. In the event that a team selects to modify the starting lineup, the team’s GM must submit a request to revise the roster to LCS in compliance with Section 4 below. The request must be submitted in advance of any proposed effective date of any such change, at the earliest possible date and time.

If a request is submitted too late for LCS to make reasonable arrangements for a new player to travel to an LCS match, LCS may, at their discretion, hold the team responsible for the incremental costs of such player’s travel, regardless of any other rules to the contrary. LCS reserves the right to approve or deny any such request, based upon the eligibility of the players involved and the compliance with the Rules of such request. Requests to modify a starting lineup for the team’s first match on a given day may not be submitted any later than 11:59pm PST prior to the start of that broadcast and/or webcast.

4.1.5 Summary Sheet

Any substitution that would result in a team designating a Player as a Starter who has not held that position previously must be accompanied by the submission of a Summary Sheet and Eligibility Form (if one of each is not already on file for the current competitive season) before said Player is considered eligible to play.

Official Ruling

Copenhagen Wolves forfeit their match against ROCCAT on 12th June, 2014.

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