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Core Team of Gambit Gaming Missing LCS London | LoL Esports

Core Team of Gambit Gaming Missing LCS London

My name is Jason “Riotjasonoliver” Yeh and I’m the Head of EU eSports and the Riot Germany office. I’m working with fellow Rioters to bring the excitement of the LCS to as many fans as possible across Europe outside of the Cologne studio. I’m very disappointed to confirm that the core team of Gambit Gaming will not be present at LCS London due to visa issues.

Typically, UK visa applications take 4-6 weeks to process from Russia. Gambit Gaming was notified of LCS London near the end of the processing timeline. Despite this tight deadline and in the face of unexpected complications, we worked extensively with the team and did everything in our power to expedite the process of obtaining visas. We also investigated alternative options such as rescheduling or having Gambit play remotely from our Cologne studio. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons (e.g. security and connectivity risks, unfairness to other teams) none of these alternative solutions proved feasible. As a result, Gambit will be playing with 4 substitutes this weekend.

We’re truly sorry for this poor experience for Gambit Gaming and all the fans. We really wanted the core of Gambit's roster to be with us in London. We apologize for underestimating the difficulty Gambit Gaming would have in attending the LCS London event. We wish that we had informed the teams sooner about the roadshow so this would not have been an issue. Moving forward, we will prepare all teams for potential roadshow locations as early as possible in order to ensure such issues do not happen again.