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DRIVE: IWillDominate | LoL Esports

"All I want to
do is get back
to Worlds."

Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera

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DRIVE: IWillDominate

Team: Team Liquid
Region: North America
Position: Jungle
Signature Champions

Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera has something to prove.

It's now been three Splits since his return to the NA LCS after a year of being banned from competitive play, and he has yet to bring Team Liquid to a finish higher than 3rd. After a tumultuous 2015 Spring Split, the jungler and leader of Team Liquid is now aiming for the top spot in North America. And that's not even mentioning any goals for, well, domination in the 2015 World Championship tournament.

Known for his aggressive and emotional play style, IWillDominate has risen through the ranks as one of the best junglers and shotcallers in North America. Possessing a razor sharp mind and veteran game knowledge, he's catapulted Team Liquid from a middle of the road team with severe communication issues to a legitimate contender for the North American crown. Now, with a stable roster finally nailed down, it's time for him to step it up.

His Rek'Sai, Nunu, and Sejuani play has been top-tier as of late, but IWillDominate's leadership comes from his unshakable passion for victory. He's simply willing to do anything to win the game. Whether it's camping the bot lane so former World Champion AD carry Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae gets the early lead he needs to hard carry a game, or taking a risky dive in the top lane with Diego "Quas" Ruiz, he's more than willing to sacrifice his own glory to make sure his team gets the win.

The emotional leader of Team Liquid, you can regularly see IWillDominate screaming into his microphone, willing his teammates to find victory. He takes losses hard, but always finds a way to get his mind back into the game. Now, with one of the most talented rosters in North America, he's going to have to prove that his leadership abilities can bring Team Liquid to the top of the standings.