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DRIVE: Sneaky | LoL Esports

"I'm just going to
keep on going."

Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi

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DRIVE: Sneaky

Team - Cloud9
Region - North America
Position - AD Carry
Signature Champions

For much of his early career, Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi's name was rather fitting. Rarely as flashy or outspoken as some of his North American AD carry counterparts, he and the rest of Cloud9 simply showed up, won games, and took titles.

Because their games were so clean and strategically sound, Sneaky, well, snuck under the radar of many analysts when he first came onto the scene. But then, his name began popping up more and more in MVP talks. His Lucian emerged as world-class, his Graves and Ezreal drew regular bans from Cloud9's opponents, and he and his support Daerek “LemonNation” Hart became famous for their Ashe/Zyra lane at the 2013 World Championship. Over time, one thing became very clear: Sneaky can carry the hell out of a game when he needs to.

While Cloud9 has faced a large amount of adversity during the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split, Sneaky has remained a strong core for the squad. He can play any champion his team needs -- nine this Split -- fitting into whatever team composition his squad is putting together. Need a hyper carry? Sneaky's Kalista, Jinx, and Tristana are all immense threats. Need a champion to provide more utility? He's more than happy to pull out Sivir or his signature Ashe when needed. He's a veteran, a player with enough experience to stare down any opposition.

And now, with a long road to Worlds ahead of them, every member of Cloud9 will have to step up their game. Fortunately for them, they've got Sneaky holding down the bottom lane, always looking to do whatever it takes to find victory for his team.