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Edward: 'The problems that used to exist in Gambit...are now gone' | LoL Esports

Edward: 'The problems that used to exist in Gambit...are now gone'

Before the Season 3 summer split, Gambit support player Edward Abgaryan made an unprecedented announcement: He’d be jumping over the ocean, making the swap from EU’s Gambit Gaming to NA’s Team Curse. On Thursday, however, he announced that he’d be moving back to Gambit. We sat down with the support player to chat about his experience out West, what he learned in the NA scene, and how he’s liking taking on the bot lane with Genja again.

Q: Why the decision to leave the North American scene?

Edward: When I joined Curse, I knew that I wouldn’t stay there for long and would soon return to Europe. I don't want people to think that didn't like to play there. It was quite likely that I'd want to come back to Europe after joining an American team, and it did happen.

Q: What was your experience playing in NA like?

Edward: I've spent more than three months on an American team. I have good memories of this period, since I was a part of a friendly team. Unfortunately, we didn't achieve the results we wanted, but it's not the end of the world. I've improved my communication in English, and it's something that I will benefit from in the future. I would like to thank everyone who helped me in improving it. I've managed to get a couple of good acquaintances - hi, Cop!

Q: Did your time in NA influence your style of play? Did you learn anything new?

Edward: My style of play has improved, but my mechanics have deteriorated a bit, and I am currently trying improve them. I wouldn't say that I managed to learn something completely new, or maybe I have just forgotten about it, because it became embedded in my play.

Q: Is there anything you're looking to bring back to EU from NA?

Edward: I am satisfied with the way things are done in Europe, though I would enjoy having Phreak, Jatt and Rivington in Cologne more frequently.

Q: How was being on Curse? Do you remain friendly with the team?

Edward: I chat with Jacky on a regular basis and would like to spend more time communicating with Cop, but I always forget to get in touch with him, since the difference in time zones makes it difficult for us to talk to each other. I believe I am on good terms with all of them, with Voyboy, IWillDominate and obviously Liquid112! Hi, SAINT!

Q: Why return to Gambit, rather than another EU team?

Edward: It's hard to explain why I decided to returned to Gambit. It's easier to explain [the reasons] why I didn't join any other team.

  • You can never know what other people are like and whether you will enjoy playing with them.
  • I would have to speak English. It is easier for me to use Russian for communication both outside and during the game. I don't have to think what to say, since English is my third language.
  • I would have to join a completely new organization and would have to get to know a bunch of new people.
  • Even if you assemble five individually strong players, it doesn't mean that they will form a strong team together. Trying to build something from scratch is a big waste of time.

Gambit is the team I know the best in terms of chemistry and I know what they are capable of as players. I can speak with them in Russian and I know Gambit from the organizational point of view.

Q: Are you and Genja getting along again? Have you patched the problems you had up?

Edward: I believe that every bot lane has an array of major and minor problems. I didn't leave the team based on the fact that I didn't enjoy playing with Genja, since I'd played with him for two years in a row. The thing is, the problems that used to exist in Gambit and in my co-operation with Genja are now gone. It's is time for us to carry and to become the best team in Europe.

Q: Has the atmosphere on Gambit changed to something you prefer since last year?

Edward: As of now, we have scrimmed for a couple of days, so the chemistry seems to be positive. As of now everything is perfect, but we have to wait and see how it is going to look like when the upcoming split begins.

Q: What are you looking forward to in Season 4?

Edward: Season 4 is going to be both very challenging and thrilling. I cannot wait to compete at [the Season 4 World Championship], but in order to get there we have to perform consistently good over the entire year and become the best team in Europe. All I want to achieve in the upcoming season is for us to become the stronger than we used to be.

Taylor Cocke is a Bay Area-based freelance writer who spends too much time talking about bands no one else cares about. Follow him @taylorcocke on Twitter.

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