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Fun in the top lane with CaliTrlolz | LoL Esports

Fun in the top lane with CaliTrlolz

The top lane can be described as a lonely island of noodle fights, but according to Team 8's top laner and shot caller Steven "CaliTrlolz" Kim, there's still plenty of fun to be had up north.

One of the ways CaliTrlolz keeps things interesting is by playing plenty of off-meta champions. In fact, he tells us he has 18 LCS-ready top laners.

He explains that the only reason why meta champions are meta champions in the first place is because you can pick them into anything while still being able to farm, without getting hard countered. With that in mind, off-meta champions like Malphite and Cho'gath can both be situationally useful, and very strong.

So when would Cali pick Malphite up top? "When we need tank, hard initiate, and when I'm able to blow up squishies," he says.

Talking about the monstrous Cho'Gath, a sly smirk crosses Cali's face. "He's really strong at laning early in the game when people have low health," he explains. "I build AP because it's fun! Rod of Ages, Deathcap, then I can [Rupture], [Feral Scream], Flash, [Feast], and nom nom til they die," he laughs. "It's super fun to play and really viable, but really risky if you can't land your abilities."

He also let us in on how to have a great impact in the game, no matter which top laner you're playing. "Top lane's focus is not to win your lane, but to have a global presence," he says. In order to do that, he suggests top laners go with the Teleport Summoner Spell over Ignite.

"During my 1 vs. 1 lane against Cris, I was able to push in my lane, bully him around then Teleport top and make plays without really costing anything. You pressure so much by just having the Teleport and it allows the bot lane to feel they can get support at any time. I think Teleport is the Summoner Spell that made top lane much more influential."

So there you have it, top laners! Try something new, and make sure to make yourself known all over the Rift. For more on the NA LCS stay tuned to Lolesports and if you missed any of today's matches, check out our spoiler-free VODs page.