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The Great Bromances of the LCS | LoL Esports

The Great Bromances of the LCS

It's good to see teammates having fun together, joking in post-game interviews, and hanging out at the team house. Most teammates in the LCS have learned to work together, but some take their friendships to the next level. The bromance level, if you will.

Only the closest friends, who appear inseparable and always seem to be on the same wavelength qualify for the fabled Bromance status. Today, we're investigating the top candidates in the LCS to see how epic their friendships truly are.

Bromance #1: XPeke + Cyanide

XPeke is a gregarious fellow, seemingly hapy to befriend (and flatter) most anyone he meets. So he was the natural first stop for our bromance investigation. He has many friends, but holds a special spot in his heart for his teammate Cyanide.

"He's the whole package," XPeke says about his jungler compadre. "He's always funny and up to no good, but knows when to get serious and be professional."

What personality traits do prospective bromancers of XPeke need to have? He really values Cyanide's laid back nature and describes him as "very easy going and basically impossible to disagree with."

XPeke gave a final defense of their bromance: "We're besties because we have a lot in common. We've been teammates and friends for more than 3 years, and roommates for 1.5 years."

Bromance Status: Still strong.

Bromance #2: Kiwikid + Imaqtpie

If smiles were pizza pies, Dignitas' bottom lane could rest in pepperonis forever. The big grins of Imaqtpie and Kiwikid radiate good cheer from the LCS stage every week as they rack up kills on the Rift and sings duets during downtime. But are they true bros, or is the sappy singing just an act?

Kiwikid had one word to describe his bot lane partner, and we're pretty sure that it's a compliment. "Contagious," Kiwikid explains. "We're becoming more and more like each other. We have bound [to each other] to the point of no return."

That sounds like some dedicated friendship happening there, and it gets Kiwikid excited. "My favorite part of qtpie's personality is that he moans a lot," he says. "It gets me pumped and I feel like a beast. I love moaners."

We were ready to give them the Bromance stamp of approval when Kiwikid suddenly threw out a warning sign. He tossed aside our recommended labels of "besties" and "BFFs" and insisted that they be classified as "co-workers" instead.

Bromance Status: Trouble in Bro-paradise?

Bromance #3: Doublelift + Aphromoo

Doublelift has become more friendly and positive lately, and credits a lot of that to his new bot lane buddy, Aphromoo.

"Aphro is tenacious," Doublelift explains. "He's always there to back me up, in and out of game. When I'm having a bad day, he notices instantly and tries to cheer me up or ask me what's wrong… It feels like he's the one to count on when there's a problem."

In classic romantic-comedy-movie style, Aphromoo has also helped Doublelift open up and become more social as well. "He invites a lot of open discussion," Doublelift says of Aphromoo. "Before, I would keep to myself. Now, whenever there's a problem, he brings out everyone's opinion in a non-confrontational way. This way we can easily work on our problems without any issues of pride or harboring negative feelings."

Doublelift makes Aphromoo sound like the dad of CLG, but Aphromoo sees his bot lane partner as a brother. "I feel like we're brothers when we lane," Aphromoo says. "Me being the older brother, just looking out for Doublelift. And when he's ready to go out on his own and beat up everyone, he's ready."

On top of their mutual respect, they still know how to make each other laugh. "My favorite thing about Doublelift," Aphromoo says, "is his facial expressions. We just randomly look at each other and start laughing." Adorable.

Aphromoo sums up their relationship in one word: "Soulmates. I was meant to be his support."

Bromance Status: Brothers in arms.

Bromance #4: Pobelter + Altec

The pressure of an increasingly competitive NA scene isn't stressing the friendship of self-proclaimed "besties" Pobelter and Altec. Instead, these EG BFFs use humor to keep each other positive.

Altec and Pobelter sound a bit like a comedy act in training. Altec describes Pobelter as "Unique, because he makes really stupid jokes that are hilarious." Pobelter counters with a quick assertion, "We have the same type of humor."

Altec loves that Pobelter sings and raps, and adds that "Pobelter can basically do anything." But what does he enjoy seeing Pobelter do most of all? Snapchats. "Pobelter's super funny. He makes me laugh every time with his stupid Snapchats."

"I'd say we're pretty close to each other," Altec summarizes. "We've been on Challenger teams together and now the LCS. He makes my days a lot more exciting and enjoyable. I don't know how it would be without him."

Bromance Status: Shared-stage comedy tour starting soon.

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