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Group B Bracketology | LoL Esports

Group B Bracketology

The first half of the Group Stage has completed and the race for a spot in the Quarterfinals rages on. Find out what your favorite team needs to do to secure a top 2 finish.

Fnatic (3-1)

The Europeans lead Group B after their win over Gambit and are in position to get into the Quarterfinals.

What they need to do: Winning all their games (4-0) seals the deal. A single loss is fine (3-1) as long as it isn't to Vulcun because a strong finish by the North Americans could drop Fnatic out of Worlds. Things get hairy if Fnatic finishes (2-2) because it would require some luck with Samsung Ozone and Vulcun losing 2 games apiece.

The game to watch: vs. Vulcun (Thursday 8PM PDT) - Not only does a win here distance themselves further from a potential threat, but evens the head-to-head series in case Vulcun comes back later in the week.

Gambit (3-1)

Trailing behind Fnatic due to tiebreakers, the Russians appear to have a good shot at making Quarterfinals.

What they need to do: Winning all their games (4-0) would eliminate any possibility of being denied the bracket stage. Already having winning records against Vulcun and Samsung Ozone, a (3-1) record with wins against both teams will also ensure a high chance at making it past Group B. Much like Fnatic, ending the split (2-2) is dangerous, as it allows either Vulcun or Ozone a chance to sweep the group and jump ahead.

The game to watch: vs. Fnatic (Saturday 12 PM PDT) - This is the make or break game since it sets up the final day's standings. If they can break their losing record against Fnatic, they should be able to carry that momentum through to the end.

Samsung Ozone (2-2)

The Koreans have already lost to both teams atop the standings, which puts them in a dangerous situation.

What they need to do: Sweeping the group (4-0) clinches a trip straight to the bracket stage. In general though, Ozone must beat both Fnatic and Gambit. A loss to either team (3-1) drastically decreases their chance at a bracket spot but with some luck, they can get a tiebreaker match against the other. A loss to both pretty much eliminates the squad from competition.

The game to watch: vs. Gambit (Thursday 7PM PDT) - As stated before, the games against Gambit and Fnatic are pretty much must-wins. They run the European gauntlet on the same night so a win against the Russians starts them off on the right track.

Vulcun Techbargains (2-2)

Vulcun sit in the middle of the pack much like Ozone, but their loss to the Koreans sets them behind in tiebreakers.

What they need to do: A (4-0) record to close out the second half of Group B allows Vulcun to make the bracket stage. Any loss (3-1) is severely detrimental to keeping bracket stage hopes alive since they must climb over 3 other teams plus tiebreakers. A similar result as the first half of the Group Stage (2-2) will most likely end the North American's run at Worlds

The game to watch: vs. Ozone (Saturday 1 PM PDT) - Vulcun had a chance to close out Ozone in the last meeting of the two teams. Evening up the tiebreakers will be essential in determining which team makes it to the bracket stage.

Mineski (0-4)

Mineski were blanked in the first half of Group B, times are dark but there is still hope.

What they need to do: Win out (4-0) and get a ton of help. Any loss (3-1) means that they are gone from the Group Stage.

The game to watch: vs Gambit (Thursday 9PM PDT) - To win out, they must start from the beginning. The first match against Gambit immediately determines if they are still alive at Worlds.

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