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Introducing the 2014 Challenger Series | LoL Esports

Introducing the 2014 Challenger Series

The new league

With the new year fast-approaching, the 2014 competitive season not only welcomes another stretch of intense LCS action, but also a brand new league to support our future League of Legends pros. Partnered with Coke Zero, the Challenger Series serves as a proving grounds for competitive Challenger play and as the only path into the LCS, elevates its top three contenders into the Promotion Tournament.


The Challenger Series runs alongside the LCS for the entire 2014 season, with the Promotion Tournament serving as the window between both leagues. To participate in the Challenger Series, teams must first prove their worth by being one of the top 20 eligible teams on the Ranked 5s Team Ladder before the ladder freeze date. For each regular LCS split, there will be two Challenger Series that feeds top teams into the Challenger Playoffs based on cumulative points over both series. The Challenger Playoffs will crown that split’s champion and also promote three teams into the Promotion Tournament for their shot into the LCS.

Path to Pro

Play-In 1
The top 20 teams from the Ranked 5s Team Ladder are split into five brackets of four. Each bracket plays down to one winner in a best-of-one series. One team from each bracket, a total of five, advances into Challenger Series 1.

Challenger Series 1
The top five teams from Play-In 1 and three pre-qualified teams who dropped from the Promotion Tournament compete in a six week series earning cash prizes and points based on their finish.

Play-In 2
Another set of top 20 teams are pulled from the Ranked 5s Team Ladder. After a best-of-one showdown, five more teams advance into Challenger Series 2.

Challenger Series 2
The top five teams from Play-In 2 and top three from Challenger Series 1 battle in another series bracket earning cash prizes and more points.

Challenger Playoffs
Top six teams with the highest points across both series are seeded into a playoff bracket. The playoffs hold a similar structure to the LCS playoffs. The winner is crowned the series champion and additionally, the top three teams advance into the Promotion Tournament.

Promotion Tournament
The bottom three teams of the LCS and the top three of Challenger Playoffs duke it out for a spot in the LCS with the LCS teams choosing their Challenger opponent. Winners of this tournament proceed into the LCS and losers are guaranteed a spot in the next Challenger Series.

Full broadcast and coverage

All the action surrounding the Challenger Series excluding the Play-In stage will be fully broadcasted with expert analysis and commentary on, with matches airing immediately after each region’s LCS broadcast. Additionally, all league-related information including standings, schedule, and coverage will be available on the site.


The Challenger Series adheres to its own unique rule set. Unlike the LCS, Challengers can participate in other League of Legends-related competitions. While there is no specific age restriction on participation in the league, three of the five team members must meet LCS eligibility requirements. Complete rules of the Challenger Series will be available on later.


Series Prize Pool
1st Place - $6,000
2nd Place - $4,000
3rd Place - $3,000
4th Place - $2,000
5th-8th Place - $1,250

Playoff Prize Pool
1st Place - $16,000
2nd Place - $10,000
3rd Place - $8,000
4th Place - $3,000
5th-6th Place - $1,250

Preparations for the Challenger Series are underway, so check back for more information regarding the brand new league and tune in to the all the action starting in January. And remember, that cutoff date to participate in the first Challenger Series of 2014 is 11:59am PST on January 3rd, 2014.