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Ladder freeze for the 2014 Challenger Series | LoL Esports

Ladder freeze for the 2014 Challenger Series

With the 2014 competitive season on the horizon, preparations are underway. At 11:59am PST on January 3rd, 2014, we’ll be taking the best of the best ranked 5s challenger teams to participate in the first Challenger Series of 2014!

We’ll have a lot more information for you in the next week or two – including structure, prizes, and more – but we wanted to remind everyone to keep their attention on the ranked 5s Challenger tier. The next LCS Champions could rise from those ranks, and you’ll want to be there from the beginning. Also for anyone wondering, the Challenger Series will be the only way for teams to qualify into the LCS Promotion Tournament, so this will be the place to watch for rising stars.

For all of you teams already making the climb to Challenger, remember that you’ll need to be LCS ready (you can read up on the LCS ruleset here) to qualify for the Challenger Tournament – including having three members that are (or will be) eligible to play in the LCS, and are all in the same region in which the series is taking place (we’ll be checking!).

So remember, that cutoff date is 11:59am PST on January 3rd, 2014 for your team to get high enough on the Ranked 5s Challenger ladder. We’ll have more info soon, so keep pushing in the meantime!