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LoL Esports Redesigned | LoL Esports

LoL Esports Redesigned

Hello Summoners!

Last season, we launched with NA and EU LCS as separate sites with little cross-region visibility that made it more difficult than necessary to find information about the two leagues. We've changed our interface to better integrate the multiple esports leagues into one site where you can easily navigate between content.

We now have a global schedule that includes the matches from both LCS leagues in one location. No more having to bounce between and to see schedules.

We also have a home page with a global scope, including upcoming matches.

You can drill into the details of a particular league by using the dropdown navigation at the top. Be on the look out for coverage of more leagues soon as well as information about the Challenger leagues.

There, you'll find the schedule, standings, and brackets for each league that you're interested in.

Look for continued improvements and expansion of coverage of other major leagues in the future.

Make sure to update your bookmarks with for NA and for EU.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on our changes or site design in general, please let us know.