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NA and EU LCS clash in Battle of the Atlantic tournament | LoL Esports

NA and EU LCS clash in Battle of the Atlantic tournament

Can't wait to see your favorite top-ranked LCS teams compete again on the Rift? We're thrilled to announce the Battle of the Atlantic: Preseason Invitational, a transatlantic showdown between the NA and EU leagues and a chance for the west's best to fight for their region's honor.

This competition will coincide with the upcoming 2014 Spring Promotion Tournament in December, when Challenger teams compete against the pros for entry into the LCS.

The Battle of the Atlantic will consist of five best-of-three matches. Each match will be a head-to-head between the North American and European team of equal rank, with the winner scoring points for their region. The region with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament will be declared victor of the first ever invitational and gives their region bragging rights going into the 2014 season.

Every team that wins its series pockets a $5,000 prize and then an additional $25,000 will be distributed equally among the five teams on the winning region's side.

Teams win points for their region per the distribution below:

LCS Ranking North America Europe Points Awarded Location
Dec 14 #4 DIG vs. EG 1 Cologne
Dec 15 #2 TSM vs. LD 2 Cologne
Dec 20 #5 CLG vs. ALT 1 LA
Dec 21 #3 XDG vs. GMB 2 LA
Dec 22 #1 C9 vs. FNC 3 LA

Invitational matches will be played in front of live audiences at our new studios in Los Angeles and Cologne immediately preceding the Spring Promotion Tournament matches of the day.

Demand for interregional play has been very high throughout 2013, so we're extremely excited to kick off this new competition that showcases how each continent stacks up. The Battle of the Atlantic is also fans' first opportunity to preview competitive-level action that incorporates many of the gameplay changes pegged for the 2014 season.

We'll be revealing more details in the coming weeks, including match times and where to get tickets -- stay tuned to or follow us on Twitter at @lolesports for all the latest LCS news.

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