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Power Rankings - Week 18 | LoL Esports

Power Rankings - Week 18

Welcome to Week 18 of Lolesports Power Rankings.

We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed, and an aggregate is produced from combining their rankings.

Our panel votes on these criteria, in this order:

  • Recent results
  • Predicted future performance
  • Historical trends (as they pertain to future results and present form)
  • The "eye" test (How good does a team look, relative to the rest of the world)

Our panel is available at the footer of this article, with each of their credentials and specialties. It is important to note that all our voters follow all five major professional leagues (LPL, OGN, GPL, NA/EU LCS) on a weekly basis.

Make sure to tweet @Lolesports with your Power Rankings or let us know in the comments below.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Blue (+1)
  2. Najin White Shield (-1)
  3. Samsung Galaxy Ozone ( - )
  4. CJ Entus Blaze ( - )
  5. SK Telecom T1 K ( - )
  6. KT Rolster Arrows ( - )
  7. CJ Entus Frost (+3)
  8. Najin Black Sword (-1)
  9. Edward Gaming (+4)
  10. KT Rolster Bullets (-1)
  11. OMG (-2)
  12. SK Telecom T1 S ( - )
  13. Invictus Gaming (NEW)
  14. Alliance (NEW)
  15. Team SoloMid ( - )
  16. LMQ (NEW)
  17. SK Gaming ( - )
  18. Cloud 9 (-7)
  19. Team WE ( - )
  20. Counter Logic Gaming (-2)

Current league record in parenthesis. Number of first place votes in brackets

  1. (+1) Samsung Galaxy Blue - [8] - OGN Champions - (14-4)

    The boys from Samsung Blue scored a tremendous victory in their series against NaJin White Shield during the finals of OGN Champions Spring 2014. The win gave Blue 450 Circuit Points and catapulted them into a tie for first in those standings with SK Telecom T1 K. Their innovative champion select, and solid team play should continue to carry them as they play CJ Entus in the SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters playoffs this week.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  2. (-1) Najin White Shield - OGN Champions - (13-8)
  3. ( - ) Samsung Galaxy Ozone - [2] - OGN Champions - (13-6)

    Samsung Ozone came home third in OGN Champions Spring 2014 after a wild five game series against CJ Entus Blaze. The victory was worth 150 more Circuit Points which leaves Ozone third in the standings behind sister team Blue and SK Telecom T1 K. Like sister team Samsung Blue, Ozone is slated to compete against CJ Entus in the SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters playoffs this week. The winner of that contest moves on to face SK Telecom in the championship.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  4. ( - ) CJ Entus Blaze - OGN Champions (11-10)

    There aren't many teams in the world that live up to their name as much as CJ Entus Blaze do. While it is true that the Saigon Jokers have been quite clownish over the last few GPL seasons, Blaze are the very image of a wildfire - consuming and growing off weaker teams, but stumbling against real resistance. Samsung Galaxy Ozone in particular appear to be their Achilles' heel at the moment, dousing their spirits with superior vision control and a monopoly on pushing power. In all this, however, Flame has been looking his best in a while, with the metagame returning to favor carry champions such as Jax and Irelia. Don't count on his patented double Phage Irelia coming out any time soon, though.

    Written by Alex Manisier

  5. ( - ) SK Telecom T1 K - 3rd Place NLB Spring 2014 | All-Star Invitational Champions

    What a week for SK Telecom T1 K. Only a week ago they were slumping and vulnerable in the OGN. However, they then went on to dominate All-Star 2014 with a 9-0 record, and returned home to obliterate a wounded KT Rolster Bullets to take third place in NLB. It is too early to say that SKT completely has their confidence back, but they are certainly rounding back into the terrifying form they had during their undefeated Champions Winter run.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  6. ( - ) KT Rolster Arrows - OGN Champions - (5-5)

    The KT Rolster Arrows only had a brief visit to the bigfile NLB spring 2014 tournament before they were knocked aside by NaJin Black Sword in the quarterfinals. The 2-1 defeat does take some luster off of their Champions season, but the Arrows still have one of the highest skill ceilings in the world. It will be a major part of jungler KaKAO's job to continue to develop the young talent the Arrows possess in mid lane (Rookie) and top lane (ssumday).

    Written by Thomas Watts

  7. (+3) CJ Entus Frost - NLB Spring Champions | OGN Champions - (5-5)

    If Blaze are the image of a wildfire, then CJ Entus Frost surely have to be a glacier. There's no denying that their growth has been slow, but any growth is better than no growth, especially in a competitive environment where one backwards step can lead to hungrier, more driven teams overtaking you. Frost did not look too bad against the incumbent Korean champions in Masters, and will have another shot at one of Samsung's two teams as they fight to keep their Masters hopes alive. The key factor will be MadLife's improving form, and whether or not his playmaking ability will be enough to be the catalyst for Frost to take a game off the back of their improving early game.

    Written by Alex Manisier

  8. (-1) Najin Black Sword - 2nd Place NLB Spring | OGN Champions - (3-3)
  9. (+4) Edward Gaming - LPL - (26-8)

    Synergy is very important to Edward Gaming, and the team has gotten to the stage where they seem to play extremely well together. ClearLove has improved in terms of early jungle pressure, and the team's ability to read weaknesses in compositions played by both Invictus Gaming and World Elite and develop counter-strategies speaks well of their future. With a recent LPL Playoff win, they're going into the next Demacia Cup and Summer Split strong, and they've already found themselves a spot in the Season Four World Championship Qualifiers.

    Written by Kelsey Moser

  10. (-1) KT Rolster Bullets - OGN Champions - (6-5)

    The KT Rolster Bullets are heading for a big change. They have to replace jungler inSec who has decided to step away from professional League of Legends. The first choice, pulling substitute Zero into the jungle, was a failure. SK Telecom T1 K swept the Bullets during the 3rd/4th place best-of-five of the NLB spring 2014 tournament while Zero was in the jungle. Who KT B picks up to fill inSec's shoes will be a major storyline heading into Champions Summer 2014.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  11. (-2) OMG - LPL - (26-8)

    Though OMG were defeated at the hands of Invictus Gaming, iG targeted the same weakness the team exposed at IET and at All-Stars: focusing the mid lane in both champion select and ganks. In the series against World Elite, however, OMG showed signs of adapting, and their map efficiency has still looked better than their Chinese counterparts. OMG members have also hinted at roster shakeups to shore up some of their weaknesses, including Allen's unofficial stream announcement that he will be returning to the jungle. Time will tell if OMG returns to the top. The next Demacia Cup kicks off June ninth, and 2014 LPL Summer begins on the 14th.

    Written by Kelsey Moser

  12. ( - ) SK Telecom T1 S - OGN Champions - (3-4)
  13. (NEW) Invictus Gaming - LPL - (15-19)

    Many regard iG's win over OMG as an upset, but iG simply took a page from EDG's book to pressure OMG's mid lane and find wins. Zzitai's versatility has long been a strong suit of the team, and as he continues to play a wide variety of mid lane champions, it appears as if he's regaining some of his old self. Against EDG, however, iG still have not taken a victory, and their consistent losses in this area prevent them from rising.

    Written by Kelsey Moser

  14. (NEW) Alliance - EU LCS - (3-1)

    Alliance had a shaky start last split, but matured over time, and has carried that over into a top showing in Super Week. Unlike SK Gaming, Alliance is a team of stars, with every player in the top 4 for fantasy points for their position. If their chemistry and team-play continues to grow, they will be a commandingly dominant team.

    Written by Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman

  15. ( - ) Team SoloMid - NA LCS - (3-1)

    Also adapting to major roster changes after spring split, TSM has been adjusting to their new jungler and support, Amazing and Gleebglarbu. Despite their only loss to Cloud9 last week, TSM is sitting tied at No. 2 with Dignitas. With a head-to-head matchup with DIG coming up, TSM has the potential to secure the No. 2 position for themselves and challenge LMQ for the top spot.

    Written by Jack "NeoIllusions" Ho

  16. (NEW) LMQ - NA LCS - (4-0)

    The ravagers of the Challenger Series during spring split, LMQ is the last remaining perfect win team in the LCS. With solid performances by both AP and AD carries, XiaoWeiXiao and Vasilii, LMQ's early game aggression has translated into strong map control in mid game and devastating prowess in team fights late game.

    Written by Jack “NeoIllusions” Ho

  17. ( - ) SK Gaming - EU LCS - (3-1)

    SK Gaming has carried their consistency from last split over to this one, and looks like they may be one of the premiere EU teams. They are one of the true team-based teams, with their players coming in a mere 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th in fantasy points for their position, with only nRated coming in 2nd. However, their decision-making and team chemistry has only increased with time.

    Written by Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman

  18. (-7) Cloud9 - NA LCS - (2-2)

    In a rare occasion finishing an LCS week outside of the top two, Cloud9 do not appear to be in their usual form. Still adapting to the return of their mid lane and captain, Hai, C9's movements and team fights were highly suspect in their opening week. However, given C9's history of stability in the regular season, it should be expected that they will have no problem recovering from their Week 1 setback.

    Written by Jack "NeoIllusions" Ho

  19. ( - ) Team WE - LPL - (19-15)

    With the acquisition of a new Korean coach, World Elite are showing they take improvement seriously. With a rise in LPL as the only team to have taken a game off both OMG and Edward Gaming, prospects for the Playoffs and the Summer season look bright. Their new acquisitions, Ruo, Conan, and sukiM are coming into their own and looking like contenders for the best in their respective roles, and many fans agree that there's a noticeable improvement in performance from the old guard WE members. Time will tell if they can once again challenge the best in the world.

    Written by Kelsey Moser

  20. (-2) Counter Logic Gaming - NA LCS - (2-2)

    With their newly imported top lane from Korea, CLG are still working out the kinks with their new starter, Seraph. While CLG took convincing wins against EG and Curse, they finished Super Week tied at 2-2 after a loss to Cloud9 and a closely fought match to LMQ. Consistency has always been an issue for CLG and although Seraph appears to be a better top lane option than their previous players, CLG will need to continue working on their communication and team compositions if they want to make a move upwards in rankings.

    Written by Jack "NeoIllusions" Ho

  21. Others Receiving Votes: Fnatic, Dignitas, Millenium, TPA, AHQ, Prime Optimus

    The Panel:

    Alex Manisier - Team Liquid staff writer, OGN expert and President of UTS LoLSoc in Sydney, Australia. Regularly watches all five major leagues.

    Andrew "Glyceroll" Whitmore - Covers NA and EU LCS as well as Challenger for and Regularly watches the five major leagues.

    Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles - OGN Analyst and Commentator. Season 3 World Championship Analyst, esports veteran.

    Frank "Mirhi" Fields - Web Content Editor for Esports veteran, follows all five major leagues.

    Jack "NeoIllusions" Ho - TeamLiquid staff writer. Has covered OGN, NA and EU LCS for TL and Regularly watches most of the five major leagues.

    James "Obscurica" Chen - GPL and SEA expert. Covers GPL for and watches all five major leagues regularly.

    Jason "Jayway" Wai - Web Content Coordinator and stats aficionado for Watches OGN religiously and regularly watches all five major leagues.

    Kelsey Moser - GosuGamers senior editor and LPL expert. Covers LPL for Regularly watches all five major leagues.

    Joshua "Jatt" Leesman - Riot Games LCS Analyst and Commentator. Veteran commentator of both Season 2 and Season 3 World Championships.

    Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman - League of Legends theorycrafter and statistics nerd turned esports journalist, watches NA/EU religiously and all five major leagues regularly.

    Michael "Chexx" Kiefer - German born, Korean resident. TeamLiquid staff writer and Esports veteran. Expert on all things Korea. Regularly watches all five major leagues.

    Michael Mooridian - Freelance esports journalist. Specializes in NA & EU LCS and Challenger leagues and follows all five major leagues.

    Taylor Cocke - Web Content Coordinator for Watches EU/NA with a passion, follows all other leagues.

    Team Inven - Esports veterans and OGN experts. Regularly watch every game of all five major leagues.

    Thomas Watts - OGN expert and freelancer for Veteran college football reporter. Regularly watches most of the five major leagues.

    Tyler "Fionn" Erzberger - TeamLiquid staff writer and OGN expert. Esports veteran and Freelancer for Regularly watches all five major leagues.

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