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Power Rankings - Week 32 | LoL Esports

Power Rankings - Week 32

We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed, and an aggregate is produced from combining their rankings.

Our panel votes on these criteria, in this order:

  • Recent results
  • Predicted future performance
  • Historical trends (as they pertain to future results and present form)
  • The "eye" test (How good does a team look, relative to the rest of the world)

Our panel is available at the footer of this article, with each of their credentials and specialties. It is important to note that all our voters follow all five major professional leagues (LPL, OGN, GPL, NA/EU LCS) on a weekly basis.

Make sure to tweet @Lolesports with your Power Rankings or let us know in the comments below.

Bolded teams have qualified for Worlds.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Blue (+1)
  2. Samsung Galaxy White (+1)
  3. Najin White Shield (+5)
  4. Edward Gaming ( - )
  5. KT Rolster Arrows (-4)
  6. SK Telecom T1 K (-1)
  7. OMG (-1)
  8. Alliance (-1)
  9. Najin Black Sword ( - )
  10. Fnatic (+4)
  11. Cloud9 ( - )
  12. Team SoloMid (+7)
  13. StarHorn Royal Club (-3)
  14. Jin Air Stealths (-2)
  15. CJ Entus Blaze ( - )
  16. SK Telecom T1 S ( - )
  17. LMQ (-4)
  18. SK Gaming (-1)
  19. LGD ( - )
  20. Taipei Assassins ( - )

Number of first place votes in brackets.

  1. (+1) Samsung Galaxy Blue - Korea - Qualified for Worlds - 223pts - [7]
  2. (+1) Samsung Galaxy White - Korea - Qualified for Worlds - 218pts - [2]
  3. (+5) Najin White Shield - #5 Korea Regionals - 204pts

    In what may have been their best week of League of Legends ever, NaJin White Shield have locked in their spot at Worlds by winning Korea's Regional Finals. Shield looked to be a completely revitalized team, retaining their solo lane-focused playstyle while injecting a new-found aggression into their play. Under the leadership of Worlds veteran Cho "Watch" Jae-gol, Shield will follow in the footsteps of sister team Sword as they mount an international campaign.

    Written by Alex Manisier

  4. ( - ) Edward Gaming - China - Qualified for Worlds - 191pts
  5. (-4) KT Rolster Arrows - #3 Korea Regionals - 189pts

    The KT Rolster Arrows went from favorites to win the Korean Regional Qualifier to unceremonious destruction at the hands of NaJin White Shield. The Arrows inconsistencies were on display during the 3-0 loss to NJWS in Regionals. While the team has one of the highest talent ceilings in professional League of Legends, they have to button up a disturbing tendency to perform poorly at certain moments.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  6. (-1) SK Telecom T1 K - #1 Korea Regionals - 172pts

    SK Telecom T1 K was NaJin White Shield's final victim in the Korean Regional Qualifier. They did manage to take a game off of Shield before losing the final best-of-five, but their fall from world #1 all the way to their loss against Shield is stunning. The team has the entire offseason to ruminate on their fall, and try to fix the missteps they made in both champion select and action on Summoner's Rift.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  7. (-1) OMG - Qualified for China Regionals - 170pts
  8. (-1) Alliance - Europe - Qualified for Worlds - 155pts
  9. ( - ) Najin Black Sword - OGN - 146pts
  10. (+4) Fnatic - Europe - Qualified for Worlds - 123pts
  11. ( - ) Cloud9 - North America - Qualified for Worlds - 119pts

    While Cloud9 was easily able to dispatch Team Curse in the Semifinals, they dropped a game in the playoffs for the first time in LCS history. They had a fairly even series against Team SoloMid, but in the end, clutch plays from Bjergsen and WildTurtle ended the game in TSM’s favor. While it’s clear that Cloud9 are no longer the kings of North America, they still look poised to make a deep run in the World Championship.

    Written by Frank “Riot Mirhi” Fields

  12. (+7) Team SoloMid - North America - Qualified for Worlds - 116pts

    Team SoloMid are the kings of North America! They escaped the NA LCS playoffs after narrowly defeating LMQ and Cloud9 3-2 in the semifinals and finals respectively. The key figure in their ascension in North America was Dyrus, who previously had played consistently but unremarkably in previous matches. It seems that their roster of varying nationalities has found their synergy at the perfect time. Now with a confidence boost, TSM will be among the favorites to emerge from their group at Worlds.

    Written by Frank “Riot Mirhi” Fields

  13. (-3) StarHorn Royal Club - Qualified for China Regionals - 109pts
  14. (-2) Jin Air Stealths - OGN - 106pts
  15. ( - ) CJ Entus Blaze - OGN - 107pts
  16. ( - ) SK Telecom T1 S - OGN - 83pts
  17. (-4) LMQ - North America - Qualified for Worlds - 82pts

    LMQ looked to be a shadow of themselves throughout the NA LCS playoffs. After dropping 2-3 to Team SoloMid, they fell to an 0-2 start against underdogs Curse before rallying to win the series 3-2. Their third place victory secured their trip to Worlds, but it gives serious doubts to the long-term strength of the team. MVP and Rookie of the Split XiaoWeiXiao did not dominate as he did all season, NoName looked like a liability and the rest of the team was similarly lackluster.

    Written by Frank “Riot Mirhi” Fields

  18. (-1) SK Gaming - Europe - Qualified for Worlds - 72pts
  19. ( - ) LGD - Qualified for China Regionals - 58pts
  20. ( - ) Taipei Assassins - SEA - Qualified for Worlds - 55pts

    Written by James Chen

Others Receiving Votes: CJ Entus Frost, Team Curse, Jin Air Flacons, AHQ, KT Bullets, ROCCAT

The Panel:

Alex Manisier - ggChronicle staff writer, OGN expert and President of UTS LoLSoc in Sydney, Australia. Regularly watches all five major leagues.

Andrew "Glyceroll" Whitmore - Covers NA and EU LCS as well as Challenger for and Regularly watches the five major leagues.

Frank "Mirhi" Fields - Senior Web Content Coordinator for Esports veteran, follows all five major leagues.

James "Obscurica" Chen - GPL and SEA expert. Covers GPL for and watches all five major leagues regularly.

Jason "Jayway" Wai - Web Content Coordinator and stats aficionado for Watches OGN religiously and regularly watches all five major leagues.

Kelsey Moser - GosuGamers senior editor and LPL expert. Covers LPL for Regularly watches all five major leagues.

Joshua "Jatt" Leesman - Riot Games LCS Analyst and Commentator. Veteran commentator of both Season 2 and Season 3 World Championships.

Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman - League of Legends theorycrafter and statistics nerd turned esports journalist, watches NA/EU religiously and all five major leagues regularly.

Michael Mooridian - Freelance esports journalist. Specializes in NA & EU LCS and Challenger leagues and follows all five major leagues.

Thomas Watts - OGN expert and freelancer for Veteran college football reporter. Regularly watches most of the five major leagues.

Tyler "Fionn" Erzberger - TeamLiquid staff writer and OGN expert. Esports veteran and Freelancer for Regularly watches all five major leagues.

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