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Power Rankings - Week 4 | LoL Esports

Power Rankings - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of Lolesports Power Rankings.

Please note that for this edition, we have added the Top 20 teams. During our time working on Power Rankings, we have realized there is little movement in the Top 10 while leagues are out of season, and we want to recognize teams that play in all five major leagues without artificially inflating standings of teams.

Make sure to tweet @Lolesports with your #LCSRANKINGS if you have feedback

We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed, and an aggregate is produced from combining their rankings.

Our panel votes on these criteria, in this order:

  • Recent results
  • Predicted future performance
  • Historical trends (as they pertain to future results and present form)
  • The "eye" test (How good does a team look, relative to the rest of the world)

Our panel is available at the footer of this article, with each of their credentials and specialties. It is important to note that all our voters follow all five major professional leagues (LPL, OGN, GPL, NA/EU LCS) on a weekly basis.

Here are our Week 4 Power Rankings.

Current league record in parenthesis. Number of first place votes in brackets

  1. ( - ) SK Telecom T1 K - OGN - Champions (15-0) - [10]

    With PoohManDu stepping away from competitive League of Legends, his absence creates an interesting situation for SK Telecom T1 K. The team was far and away the best team in OGN Champions Winter 2013-2014, but now that chemistry has been upset. Luckily, the implosion of the Xenics organization has overloaded the quality free agent market. Piccaboo, the former Xenics Storm support, is particularly appealing due to his aggressive tendencies in games.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  2. ( - ) KT Rolster Bullets - OGN - No. 3 (11-6)

    While KT Rolster Bullets stays at No. 2 this week, there are rumblings that inSec will move back into the jungle for the Bullets which would bump KaKaO to the KT Rolster Arrows. InSec's change back to the jungle, where he was a 2013 All Star, would leave a void in the Bullets top lane. As of right now, a replacement is pure conjecture. Much like SK Telecom T1 K, the KT organization stands to gain from the implosion of Xenics by having many choices to fill in the top.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  3. ( - ) CJ Entus Blaze - OGN / NLB - NLB Champions (12-7)
  4. You can next see CJ Entus Blaze at OGN Club Masters on February 13

  5. ( - ) Samsung Galaxy Ozone - OGN - No. 2 (11-5)
  6. You can next see Samsung Galaxy Ozone at OGN Club Masters on February 13

  7. ( - ) Fnatic - EU LCS - (7-1)

    It's going to take more than one dropped game to down Fnatic. These guys played outstanding last week, and are currently in the lead of the EU LCS with a 7-1 record. Last week, they took an emphatic win in their first matchup against the come-from-nowhere ROCCAT. However, the team takes a brief hit after a loss against Gambit, but with Gambit sitting at the No. 7 spot this week, it's no wonder why Fnatic remain at No. 5. Both teams played admirably in their rematch, and Fnatic remain among the best teams in the world.

    Written by Ferguson Mitchell

  8. (+1) Najin White Shield - OGN - No. 4 (9-5)

    NaJin White Shield lost long time jungler NoFe to retirement. NoFe was considered one of the more cerebral junglers in Korea, particularly in terms of his jungle pathing and ability to read situations around the map. The NaJin organization replaced NoFe with watch from NaJin Black Sword. As good as NoFe was, there were games where he simply disappeared. Watch has proven to be a consistent contributor throughout his time with NaJin. This looks to be a clear upgrade for Shield, but only time will tell how their team chemistry works moving forward.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  9. (+2) Gambit Gaming - EU LCS - (6-2)

    After countless defeats by the hands of xPeke and Fnatic, Gambit Gaming's finally took back a point in Week 3. It wasn't just a matter of securing a hard-earned victory against a long-time rival: the Russian powerhouse team executed a stylish coup, and now trail Fnatic by a single point for the top of the standings. They've provided what their fans have long sought: definitive proof that they are back in form, and worthy of the title of region's best. Fnatic might still be ahead of them by a game, and ROCCAT close behind, but there is no doubt that Gambit is properly terrifying.

    Written by James Chen

  10. (-2) OMG - LPL - No. 2 (21-7), Top 8 in Season 3 Worlds
  11. You can next see OMG in LPL Spring 2014 on February 21

  12. (-1) Positive Energy - LPL - Champions (16-10)
  13. You can next see Positive Energy in LPL Spring 2014 on February 21

  14. ( - ) Najin Black Sword - OGN / NLB - No. 2 NLB (12-5)

    NaJin Black Sword lost jungler watch to NaJin White Shield following the retirement of NoFe. They decided to replace watch with Helios, formerly of CJ Frost, and ActScene, formerly of Jin Air Greenwings Falcons. Helios was lambasted throughout Champions Winter for poor play for CJ Frost. He will enter with something to prove, and hopefully he can synergize with mid laner Nagne to form a potent combination. Sword also has to deal with the loss of top laner Expession to a leave of absence for personal reasons. They recruited solo queue star Toplulu to replace him.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  15. Invictus Gaming - LPL - No. 5-6 (10-11)

    You can next see Invictus Gaming in LPL Spring 2014 on February 21

  16. (new) Samsung Blue - OGN / NLB - No. 3 NLB (8-11)
  17. You can next see Samsung Blue at OGN Club Masters on February 13

  18. (new) ROCCAT - EU LCS - (5-3)

    Even after a sub-par week for ROCCAT in Week 3, ROCCAT still find themselves looking strong overall. Their match against Fnatic was an instant classic, and the most exciting game of the LCS so far. While they ended up on the losing side, it wasn't the wrong side - both teams came out looking like international powers. Without the stumble against SK Gaming later in the day, ROCCAT may have found themselves inside the Top 10, but inconsistencies in play keep them from being a top tier team - for now.

    Written by Frank Fields

  19. (new) Team SoloMid - NA LCS - (7-1)

    TSM fans had been waiting for this moment ever since Bjergsen's visa was approved -- not just a show of strength, because TSM's always been one of the strongest North American teams, but dominance. He's lived up to the hype and more, solidifying his reputation as a world-class mid laner. Their success isn't just a matter of importing hot talent - their overall teamwork and shot calling has also markedly improved, amplifying their individual talents across the board. Bot lane duo Xpecial and Wildturtle, in particular, are hard-pressed to find peers operating on their level.

    Written by James Chen

  20. Cloud 9 - NA LCS - (6-2)

    Last year the discipline and practice of Cloud 9 left no question that they were the very best that North America had to offer. While their prior week's defeat by TSM doesn't necessarily dethrone them (they've lost games before to no ill long-term effect), and it isn't unexpected for a regular scrim partner to have an advantage, there is cause for concern for fans of the no-longer rookie team.

    Hai's good, but Bjergsen and international superstars such as Cool or Faker have shown that there's yet higher plateaus to reach in mid lane's art of blowing champions up. Lemonnation and Sneaky, too, must refine their game further. The NA LCS has become a Red Queen's Race for last year's regional champions: in order to stay at the top of the rankings, they have to fight harder and faster.

    Written by James Chen

  21. (new) Taipei Assassins - GPL - Champions (17-6)

    You can next see Taipei Assassins in the GPL on February 11

  22. (new) SK Telecom T1 S - OGN / NLB - (3-5)

    Inches away from taking out CJ Entus Blaze in the group stages of Champions Spring, SK Telecom T1 S might not be the powerhouse that their sister team is, but they have the potential to become one. Bang broke out in the group stages and is one of the better AD Carries in Korea, while solo queue superstar Marin will be entering his second Champions season with more experience.

    Written by Tyler Erzberger

  23. (new) Team WE - LPL - No. 3 (13-8)
  24. You can next see Team WE in LPL Spring 2014 on February 21

  25. (new) KT Rolster Arrows - NLB - Top 8 (9-2)

    KT Rolster Arrows is rumored to be losing jungler Lira to a revitalized CJ Entus Frost team. He currently appears on the CJ Frost 5v5 team in Korea, but that has yet to be confirmed by either squad. The void will most likely filled by the Bullets jungler KaKaO. It is very important to note that both KT Arrows & KT Bullets's roster are in a state of flux, and these moves are likely not final form.

    Written by Thomas Watts

  26. (new) CJ Entus Frost - OGN / NLB - Top 8 (4-8)
  27. CJ Entus Frost had a forgettable OGN Champions Winter. The streak of top four finishes was broken, and it took a weak group to even make it into the quarterfinals. The problems centered on the jungle and the middle lane. Mid lane couldn't win, and jungle never really synergized with any lane to a respectable level. For a proud team like Frost with unparalleled history, the result was unacceptable and they responded by cutting loose all three of their mid laners, Ganked By Mom, MakNooN and Rapidstar, as well as parting ways with jungler Helios.

    According to reports, they brought Coco in from Xenics Storm to anchor the middle lane, and grabbed Lira from KT Rolster Arrows to jungle. Adding these two players into the mix of Shy, MadLife and Space is a promising start to putting the rest of Korea back into the deep freeze. Frost is back, and has eyes on the throne it has held for years as one of the best.

    Written by Thomas Watts

Others Receiving Votes: AHQ, Taipei Snipers, Dignitas, Jin Air Falcons, Royal Club, Jin Air Stealths, Team WE Academy, LGIM2, Saigon Jokers, LMQ


Dignitas - NA LCS - (5-2)

Early losses this season seemed to indicate a continued mediocrity despite picking up Cruzer for top lane, but perhaps all that was just a warm up. The difference between their first and latest match was night and day -- from sloppy laning and incoherent team strategy to a well-oiled killing machine, Dignitas now looks like a real contender for the North American throne. Dignitas fans must wait yet a little longer to find out if the unstoppable juggernauts that knocked down Cloud 9 and dominated Week 2 was the real thing, or a temporary mirage.

Written by James Chen

The Panel:

Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles - OGN Analyst and Commentator. Season 3 World Championship Analyst, esports veteran.

Joshua "Jatt" Leesman - Riot Games LCS Analyst and Commentator. Veteran commentator of both Season 2 and Season 3 World Championships.

James "Obscurica" Chen - GPL and SEA expert. Covers GPL for and watches all five major leagues regularly.

Michael "Chexx" Kiefer - German born, Korean resident. TeamLiquid staff writer and Esports veteran. Expert on all things Korea. Regularly watches all five major leagues.

Tyler "Fionn" Erzberger - TeamLiquid staff writer and OGN expert. Esports veteran and Freelancer for Regularly watches all five major leagues.

Thomas Watts - OGN expert and freelancer for Veteran college football reporter. Regularly watches most of the five major leagues.

Andrew "Glyceroll" Whitmore - Covers NA and EU LCS as well as Challenger for and Regularly watches the five major leagues.

Jack "NeoIllusions" Ho - TeamLiquid staff writer. Has covered OGN, NA and EU LCS for TL and Regularly watches most of the five major leagues.

Frank "Mirhi" Fields - Web Content Editor for Esports veteran, watches every game of all five major leagues.

Jason "Jayway" Wai - Web Content Coordinator and stats aficionado for Watches OGN religiously and regularly watches all five major leagues.

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