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The Recap: North America Week 5 | LoL Esports

The Recap: North America Week 5

Week 5 was nothing short of exciting with epic games, unexpected victories, and dominant performances by unsung heroes. TSM once again blazed through the competition, continuing their win streak. They sit at the top of the rankings with an 11-1 win record. But TSM were not the only ones who shined as CLG finally came together with their full roster and played an exceptional game. Here is a recap of some of the action that went down this weekend.

Evil Geniuses vs. Team Curse

Time and again, Evil Geniuses struggled against team compositions built around Shyvana. Instead of combating the strategy, EG embraced it, having InnoX take Shyvana top against Quas’s Karthus. Though Curse had global pressure with teleport and Requiem, their lack of vision in the jungle ultimately cost them the win. Every time Curse attempted to ward the jungle, Death Sentence or Ethereal Chains would catch them off guard so much so they were forced to buy a Scrying Orb trinket. Yellowpete shined as he used On the Hunt to chase down Curse every fight, ending the game with a KDA of 7/4/20.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud 9

Before the game even started, excitement unfolded in champion select as LiNk locked in Lulu for the mid lane. For the first nine minutes, the lane phase was relatively quiet until C9 attempted to take the dragon. Dexter immediately engaged on Hai with Vault Breaker into Assault and Battery, leaving the battle safe and sound thanks to a well-timed Wild Growth. CLG successfully stalled the dragon and picked up first blood for Doublelift. What transpired after was a complete decimation of C9 as they could not handle the overwhelming initiates and engages by CLG's formidable frontline. CLG won the game with 28 kills to 7 and a gold lead of over 20k.

Team SoloMid vs. Team Dignitas

Dignitas gained a slight early lead despite Dyrus farming well in the top lane as Trundle. The game turned when Dignitas attempted to ward up the Baron, where they were repeatedly caught out by Death Sentence and Taste their Fear. Though Dignitas had a strong lane phase, TSM overwhelmed them with better team fights and positioning in the mid to late game.

Overachievers of the Week

Xpecial (Team SoloMid)

Xpecial was on fire with his Thresh plays, landing perfect Death Sentences on unsuspecting prey, setting up his teammates to rack up the kills and take control of the game. He had a KDA of 2/4/33 in two games.

Dexter (Counter Logic Gaming)

Dexter shined in the jungle with decisive shot-calling in the mid to late game. He almost turned the tide in CLG's game versus TSM with a Baron steal as Olaf.

Shiphtur (Team Coast)

Shiphtur played consistently well as Nidalee this week. He constantly positioned himself in the backline, tossing spears left and right to obliterate the health bars of the enemy team. He did not die in either of his games, boasting a KDA of 5/0/6 versus EG and 2/0/11 versus XDG.

WildTurtle (Team SoloMid)

Again WildTurtle shined in the bot lane alongside Xpecial. He ended the game against CLG with a KDA of 11/2/10 on Lucian.

ZionSpartan (Team Coast)

ZionSpartan singlehandedly carried Team Coast to their first victory since Week 1 of the spring split. He dominated the top lane with Jax, going on to shut down the rest of XDG in the mid to late game, snowballing to an unstoppable level. He ended the game with a KDA of 13/3/2, making up more than half of Team Coast's kills.

Surprises of the Week

Team Coast finally picked up a pair of wins over Evil Geniuses and XDG Gaming thanks to dominant performances by Shiphtur in the mid lane and ZionSpartan in the top lane. Before Week 5, Team Coast boasted a six-game loss streak and were in dire need of a win. Slowly but surely, Team Coast are making their way back into the middle of the LCS pack with ZionSpartan leading the charge.

Disappointments of the Week

At the end of Week 4, things were looking up for XDG as they made an unexpected comeback against Team Dignitas. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to repeat their performance, losing both of their games against Team Coast and Team Curse. XDG is currently in last place with a win record of 3-9.

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