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The Recap: North America Week 7 | LoL Esports

The Recap: North America Week 7

Counter Logic Gaming and Team Coast came out on top this week with formidable victories, demonstrating high caliber play and improvement. While they still have a long way to go before catching up to top dogs TSM and Cloud 9, they certainly have proven their strength as top tier teams. Here is a recap of what went down during Week 7.

Games of the Week

XDG vs. Cloud 9

Following the release of support player Lyubomir “BloodWater” Spasov, XDG picked up Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher of Curse Academy to fill his shoes. Jake “Xmithie” Puchero returned to the jungle and Christopher “Zuna” Buechter moved back to ADC. In spite of these roster changes, the fans voted 92% in favor of XDG’s adversaries Cloud 9.

During champion selection, C9 locked in a risky double AP team composition with Gragas and LeBlanc in the solo lanes. They would later pay for it during the late game as the entire XDG team stacked Banshee’s Veils and other magic resist items, forcing C9 to rely heavily on ADC Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi to deal large amounts of damage in team fights.

In the end, C9 could not endure the hyper-aggressive initiations by Xmithie, Sheep, and Benny “Benny” Hung, who all chained their ultimates for explosive team fights. After losing two Barons and their inhibitors, C9 conceded the 53-minute game.

TSM vs. Dignitas

With Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg dealing with his Visa in Europe, Andy “Reginald” Dinh returned to the Fields of Justice to help out TSM in their time of need. The early game went back and forth with Dignitas trading dragon control for first blood and the top lane turret. Jason “WildTurtle” Tran skyrocketed ahead of Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana thanks to a double kill set up by Brian “TheOddOne” Wylie and Alex “Xpecial” Chu.

Dignitas managed to catch out Marcus “Dyrus” Hill and Xpecial due to superior vision control with pink wards spread across the map, but team fights went entirely into TSM’s favor as TheOddOne hit immaculate Cyclones on multiple targets, setting up his teammates to pick off Dignitas one by one. Following an assertive ace in the Dignitas base, TSM emerged victorious.

Cloud 9 vs. TSM

From start to finish, Cloud 9 played a near-impeccable game, taking complete control of the lane phase, allowing William “Meteos” Hartman to invade the enemy jungle, snowballing their early advantages. As the match transitioned to the mid-game siege, TSM fell even further behind as C9 outscaled their composition and took objectives without much contest.

Out of desperation, TSM forced several sloppy engagements, which only punished them in the end. C9 took the win, coming closer to the number one spot in the rankings.

Evil Geniuses vs. Dignitas

This was one of the closest games of the week. Team fights went back and forth as the match progressed to the late game. Time and again, EG forced engagements with Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis initiating with Grand Skyfall, followed up by the wombo-combo of Yasuo and Orianna. However, as the game went on, the team fights became more disorderly and dispersed. Dignitas eventually came out on top with an ace by the Baron, taking the game from EG.

Overachievers of the Week

ZionSpartan (Team Coast vs. EG)

Darshan “ZionSpartan” Upadhyaha continued to defy the meta with an unorthodox champion pick in the top lane. With confidence, he locked in Lee Sin to go up against Tyson “Innox” Kapler’s Shyvana. ZionSpartan again carried Team Coast to another victory with an impressive KDA of 9/1/6.

Xmithie (XDG vs. C9)

Xmithie returned to the jungle in style with Pantheon, landing audacious Grand Skyfalls, which often turned the tide of team fights into XDG’s favor. He emanated sheer confidence, playing as if he had never even left the jungle. He ended the game with a KDA of 8/3/7.

LiNk (CLG vs. XDG)

XDG banned out LeBlanc against Austin “LiNk” Shin. In response, LiNk locked in Ziggs and played a dominant game against XDG. He took advantage of XDG’s aggressive bot lane, roaming behind them, snagging first blood. He demonstrated immense global pressure with his Mega Inferno Bomb, ending the match with a KDA of 5/0/8.

LemonNation (C9 vs. TSM)

Daerek “LemonNation” Hart helped C9 win bot lane decisively with a Morgana counter to Xpecial’s Thresh. Throughout the game, he landed immaculate Dark Bindings and timely Black Shields, catching out opponents and saving his own teammates. He ended the game with a KDA of 3/0/7.

Surprises of the Week

Enter Sheep
Sheep made an explosive debut in the LCS against C9, one of the best North American teams. He played Leona with complete self-assurance, initiating with Solar Flares, throwing himself into the middle of the team fights, communicating well with this new teammates. He ended the game with a KDA of 1/5/13.

Disappointments of the Week

Evil Geniuses Winless

Evil Geniuses was disastrous, unable to win a match due to weak laning followed by sloppy team fights in the mid to late game. Their champion picks often fail to pan out, such as their Yasuo-oriented composition versus Dignitas. If Evil Geniuses want to turn this around, they will need to improve their shotcalling and decision-making when it really counts.

Team(s) of the Week

Counter Logic Gaming

CLG constantly improves. Throughout Week 7, they demonstrated clean, crisp team fights, well-organized rotations, and strong objective control. They went 2-0 against EG and XDG, climbing closer to the top of the rankings. Will they be able to repeat such domination against stronger teams like C9 and TSM at Super Week? If they continue to play as they have been, then they stand a very good chance.

Team Coast

Team Coast is making their way to the top of the bracket with brute force. Leading the charge are ZionSpartan and Danny “Shiphtur” Le, who have proven time and again that they are able to hypercarry their team to victory. However, other members of Team Coast have been stepping up to the plate. Apollo “WizFujiiN” Price, in particular, has greatly improved since the first few weeks of the LCS, shining in both lane phase and the mid to late game.

For more information on the 2014 spring split, including schedules, team rosters, and brackets, check out Be sure to tune into Super Week on March 7th at 12:00PM PDT for the start of Week 8 of the NA LCS. Tickets are still available for purchase.

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