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The Recap: OGN SKT Masters Week 1 | LoL Esports

The Recap: OGN SKT Masters Week 1

The inaugural week of OnGameNet's LoL Masters league brought us six games played over two days. Fans watched on as four teams debuted their new rosters, impressing many and disappointing some. The world champions maintained their winning form with a new support in tow, and big plays abounded as Korea jumped back into regular competition.

Games of the Week

Day 1: Jin Air Green Wings Stealths vs. CJ Entus Blaze

Though the Stealths defeated the new CJ Entus Frost roster, Blaze would prove to be an entirely different beast. Fly's decision to take Body Slam at level 1 as Gragas against Ambition's LeBlanc forced the Blaze mid laner to blow his Flash early, but it also was the Stealths' first mistake as Ambition abused the range advantage to take an early gold lead. This difference would only be compounded by Daydream's regular visits to the mid lane as Evelynn.

Daydream and Ambition converted their gold lead into a vision advantage, allowing them to roam the map with impunity. An early four-man group from Blaze would give Flame space to farm and push with Dr. Mundo's Burning Agony. Blaze branched off their usual game plan at this point, utilizing Flame's Teleport to take kills and towers. A slew of confident rotations would see Blaze win the series for CJ Entus in one of the cleanest and most aggressive wins of their career, and a far cry from their patented slow push strategy.

Day 2: Incredible Miracle 1 vs. SK Telecom T1 S

The other two games of Day 2 were certainly impressive on both a tactical and a mechanical level, but in this game, T1 S would not allow themselves to be overshadowed by their sister team against the revitalized LGIM#1. MaRin picked Yasuo into the top lane, an unusual choice in the current metagame. Despite picking up an early assist on Smeb's Renekton off H0R0's early Lee Sin gank, MaRin would learn exactly why Yasuo is considered an unusual top lane pick as Smeb bullied him into missing last hits. IM1 proceeded to out-rotate TI S, only held back by the threat of MaRin's split push.

However, MaRin was rewarded for his 25 minutes of suffering as Easyhoon's incredible four-man Command: Shockwave enabled him to cast Last Breath on the helpless members of IM1 and allowed TI S to win their first teamfight of the game. IM1 were not finished, however, as they grouped up for a Baron, trusting in their superior initiation to win the day. However, H0R0 threw a spanner in the IM works, using Dragon's Rage to kick Lil4c off Baron before he could execute it with a Smite + Venomous Bite combo. H0R0's Smite steal would give T1 S the edge they needed to push back and take the Nexus.

Overachiever of the Week

Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong”

Ambition is back to his All-Star form, as seen when he piloted one of his old favorites Karthus to clip the wings of the Jin Air Green Wings Falcons. With solid laning, Ambition's Requiems secured kills for Flame and Daydream from the mid lane. His roaming on LeBlanc was a huge factor in Blaze's commanding win against the Stealths.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

Faker played two excellent games against IM2 and IM's masters squad on Day 2. Picking Ziggs into Kuro's Lulu in Game 1, Faker dominated his lane and blew BetKyo and Lasha into little chunks whenever they entered his field of vision. Game 2 was a reversal of Game 1, as Faker would pilot Lulu against Kuro's Ziggs, pushing him out of lane with Glitterlance and partnering with Impact's Zac in order to start teamfights. Over the course of both games, Faker didn't die once, finishing with a total KDA of 15/0/15.

Surprise of the Week

Incredible Miracle have potential

Although most wrote off IM's chances against SKT T1, and although the match did result in a 3:0 sweep for SKT T1, both IM teams looked decent against their opposition. BetKyo's Vayne mechanics kept IM2 in the game even as they were being bombarded by Faker's Ziggs, while IM1 out-rotated T1 S for much of their game until one game-changing teamfight.

Disappointment of the Week

CJ Entus Frost

The announcement of Lira and CoCo's joining Frost was a ray of hope for fans of the CJ Entus team. While CoCo looked decent against the Stealths, Lira and the rest of the team looked slightly lethargic, even when considering their slow, farm-centric game plan. Frost will look to improve their team synergy and eliminate mistakes as they take advantage of LoL Masters to gain some experience.

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