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SK-Gambit Update | LoL Esports

SK-Gambit Update


We wanted to share with you a letter we sent to all of the LCS teams describing our decision in regards to the SK-Gambit match from yesterday. We are sharing this to promote transparency in our decision-making process and inform the fans of the LCS of this update to our thinking regarding bugs and remakes.

Please find the full text of the letter below:

Hello teams,

As you likely saw, there was an unfortunate incident yesterday during the SK-Gambit match regarding a champion bug. Because of this incident, we are banning Aatrox from all LCS and Challenger Series competition, commencing immediately.

Upon discovering the bug, the disadvantaged team correctly paused and identified the problem, which was easily visible and verifiable upon replay. At this point, the referee should have prompted the disadvantaged team to decide whether they wanted a full game remake or not, but did not. To be clear, this choice will only be offered in the case of a visible and verifiable bug that occurred immediately before the pause; teams will not be allowed to demand a remake significantly after the point where the bug could be determined to be known by the players. This instance met that qualification, and would have resulted in a game remake, had the team known of their ability to request such an event or had the referee asked them directly.

Given that the disadvantaged team did pause to identify the bug, but was not properly apprised of their ability to have a remake by the referee on stage, we do not feel that the game was completed under fair conditions. As such, we will be remaking the SK-Gambit game at the conclusion of the LCS matches on Friday, March 28th, and the previous result will be voided.

As always, we encourage teams to pause if they believe a game function (including champion ability) is not working as intended. Upon pausing, referees and QA resources will work to confirm the bug. If they are successful in doing so and determine such bug to be of significant impact, the referee will prompt the team who is disadvantaged by the bug to choose whether to remake the game or not. Please note that LCS officials may not be able to reproduce and/or confirm the existence of a bug in all instances; if they cannot, the referee will be empowered to make a decision on whether to offer game remake to the disadvantaged team or not. If the team declines the option to remake, they will not be permitted to request restart for that particular issue for the remainder of the game, nor will we consider a restart after the game has concluded.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.