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SKT T1 Sweeps 3-0 | LoL Esports

SKT T1 Sweeps 3-0

Recap: Season 3 World Finals

In the semis, SK Telecom T1 took out NaJin Black Sword in a marathon series while Royal Club Huang Zu dispatched Fnatic with strong laning phases. These two juggernauts collided head-to-head in the Worlds 2013 Championship at the Staples Center.


Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
9 2 37.6K 53.6K 9 18
Top GoDlike (Malphite) Impact (Jax) Top
Jungler Lucky (Elise) bengi (Jarvan) Jungler
Mid Wh1t3zZ (Orianna) Faker (Gragas) Mid
AD Uzi (Vayne) Piglet (Corki) AD
Support Tabe (Sona) PoohManDu (Thresh) Support

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While SKT opted to take purple side first, Royal set out to stop Bengi and Impact --- banning out Vi, Lee Sin and Shen. Going back to his old favorite Jarvan, SKT's jungler was the key player for the Korean champions by controlling Royal's jungle. His back-to-back ganks in the mid lane allowed Faker's Gragas to ruin Wh1t3zZ's Orianna. The well-coordinated SKT squad even went for a sneaky Baron with four members jumping over the wall and picking apart Lucky with their new buff. Neutering Uzi, SKT rotated lanes the entire game and snowballed with early towers, dragon control, and used Bengi's superb map control to take the first game of the World Finals.

Game 2

Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
30 10 65.4k 49.7K 1 19
Top Impact (Jax) GoDlike (Rumble) Top
Jungler bengi (Lee Sin) Lucky (Jarvan) Jungler
Mid Faker (Zed) Wh1t3zZ (Kassadin) Mid
AD Piglet (Ezreal) Uzi (Vayne) AD
Support PoohManDu (Zyra) Tabe (Sona) Support

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Following a one-sided game one, Royal decided to do the unthinkable -- leaving open Faker's Zed, Bengi's Lee Sin and Impact's Jax. Giving SKT what could be considered their strongest champions, the Chinese attempted to counter by having Kassadin go mid with Teleport to roam. Royal decided to go for a team composition featuring glass cannon carries, banking on their 5v5 team fighting abilities to pull them through against SKT's comfort champions.

It became a game of SKT's objective control, crashing down towers, and Impact's Jax split pushing versus Royal's five man army, forcing SKT into outnumbered team fights. While the glass cannon roaming squad was able to tip the scales into their favor with a few brilliantly orchestrated team fights, the global gold from SKT's relentless tower pushing gave them the edge in the end. Catching Godlike out of position near the Baron pit and punishing Royal for their lack of vision control, SKT powered through to seal their opponent's fate in game two.

Game 3

Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
12 11 39.6K 24.3K 2 2
Top Impact (Jax) GoDlike (Kennen) Top
Jungler bengi (Jarvan) Lucky (Lee Sin) Jungler
Mid Faker (Gragas) Wh1t3zZ (Fizz) Mid
AD Piglet (Corki) Uzi (Caitlyn) AD
Support PoohManDu (Zyra) Tabe (Sona) Support

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Cementing their dominance over the world, SK Telecom T1 did what they had done all series long -- control the entire jungle, beat Royal at the objective game, and always be one step ahead of their Chinese counterparts. No matter what was picked, Royal couldn't beat SKT's map pressure and perfectly timed lane swaps. In what was Royal's last chance to put themselves back into the match and give some hope for a comeback, SKT didn't let up. Finishing the game just under twenty-one minutes, the team known for starting slowly, revved up their play at the very end to close out the series with the most lopsided victory of the night.

From top to bottom, Royal's lanes were no match for SKT all night. Uzi, the ace of Royal, couldn't overcome Piglet and Mandu in the bottom lane, finishing his World Finals in disappointment. A team that was put together from solo queue superstars, SK Telecom T1 turned themselves from five people who simply played League together into the champions of the world, playing with crisp coordination and teamwork.