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Watch the first trailer for Legends Rising | LoL Esports

Watch the first trailer for Legends Rising

Legends Rising Teaser Trailer

Bjergsen. Faker. Uzi. BrTT. xPeke. SwordArt.

You’ve seen them redefine what’s possible, testing the mechanical boundaries of pro play to become some of the biggest names in LoL esports. But once the crowds clear out and the monitors switch off, what pushes these pros to be not only better, but the best?

Legends Rising goes beyond the game and explores the inspirations, fears, and inner workings of some of the world's prominent players. Driven by the pursuit of perfection and haunted by past defeats, six pros from six countries will rise up to become legends. These are their stories told from the inside.

Watch them rise in the six-part series, airing this fall.