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Why Bjergsen moved across the world to join TSM | LoL Esports

Why Bjergsen moved across the world to join TSM

Earlier this month, TSM's mid laner Reginald announced he was retiring from pro play and that Bjergsen, the young star from EU's Ninjas in Pyjamas, would be traveling across the world to replace him. We sat down with Bjergsen to find out how the transition is going, how well he's getting along with his new teammates, and when he plans to burn their house down.

Q: What convinced you that joining TSM was the right move?

Bjergsen: I really liked the U.S. when I visited. It all seemed really relaxed. The weather wasn’t minus degrees every day like in Denmark. I really liked the players. I’ve always liked them. I used to duo queue with Dyrus way back in season one on the EU server, when they played there.

I saw them playing at Worlds, too, and it was really impressive how they could beat Lemondogs, because a lot of European teams had a lot of problems beating them. When I saw TSM beating them, I thought, “Wow, they’re actually good.” Never mind all the branding and all that stuff. They were actually a good team.

Q: What's been the biggest change in moving to California to join TSM?

Bjergsen: Moving into a gaming house and figuring out food on my own. I lived with my parents before, and they would always cook dinner… I’m sleeping on a mattress on the floor in Dyrus’s room. We’re getting a bed, but I said they didn’t need to rush it. Sleeping with Dyrus is fine, although he snores and talks in his sleep.

Q: Was it difficult jumping into an established team like TSM?

Bjergsen: We’ve all been pretty good at adjusting to each other’s play styles. I’ve been duo queuing with every single one of them to just build up the base synergy. They know how I play, how I make calls. And I know how they make calls, how they talk, how they play. Both socially and in the game, it’s been really easy.

Q: Are you the main shot-caller for the team?

Bjergsen: The people talking the most are me, TheOddOne, and Xpecial. It depends on what kind of calls they are… But I think that it’s going to come down to me making the final calls. At least later in the game, mid or late game. When we’re being indecisive, it’s my call that’s going to go through.

Q: How involved is Reginald in your mid-lane training?

Bjergsen: He’s more like the team coach/manager. He’s watching the others 50% and then me 50% to see how I’m doing.

I often feel like, when we’re scrimming, his head is over my shoulder. I’ve missed a few cs feeling the pressure. I can admit that. [laughs] But he’s just an overall coach. He gives us feedback on what we can do better and what we’re already doing well. He’s definitely helping.

Q: How has your play style changed TSM?

Bjergsen: People are not fully target-banning me, but they’re using at least one to two bans every game on me. That means Dyrus is more free to play the champions that he really likes playing and the champions that he’s practicing.

I also think that, with my more aggressive kind of play style in mid, I’ll be able to make the enemy jungler come mid more, whereas they used to just pressure Dyrus really hard. I think Dyrus will have a lot more room than he did before.

Q: How have your team scrimmages been going?

Bjergsen: We’ve only been scrimming Cloud 9 so far. I think it’s been around 50-50 in wins. They definitely play more than us. They’re still working on things, of course, and we’re working on things, but I think we can be up there with Cloud 9. I’m happy that we can go at least 50-50 against them without having too much practice, and with a new roster.

Q: You mentioned in your AMA that you can't wait to face off against Mandatorycloud.

Bjergsen: He’s the only LCS mid laner that I haven’t met in solo queue. I’ve heard so much hype about him. I saw him play at Worlds, and I felt like at least his laning phase is extremely strong. He seemed to outplay people in almost every game in lane and somehow get kills. Even though the matchup, I would think, “How can he get that kill?” Then all of a sudden the camera switches and then he got the kill. Whoa, wait, huh? What happened?

I really want to try playing against Mandatorycloud. I’ve just heard so many good things. I’ve heard he’s the best mid in NA.

Q: Have you tried to burn down the TSM house yet?

Bjergsen: Reginald showed me the microwave. It was so simple. I was like, “Wait. Did WildTurtle and Dyrus actually almost burn down the house? Using this? This is the simplest thing I’ve ever seen or used. It’s so much easier than the one at home.”

It was so easy that it actually looked hard to me. I was looking at it and I was like, “Wait, is there some kind of Burn House button? What’s going on?”

So I haven’t been close to burning down the house yet. But maybe one day.

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