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Challenger Series

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Structure & Format


The core ruleset for the Challenger Series (CS) is based on the LCS ruleset, but it also has several unique rules. Please familiarize yourself with the rulebook to learn more about these differences.

Time Zones

The official time zones for the Challenger Series are Pacific Time for North America (NA) and Berlin, Germany local time for Europe (EU). Be aware that both time zones observe Daylight Savings / Summer time, and our schedules will adapt accordingly.

CS Qualifier Format

The CS Qualifier will include the top 10 Challenger Tier teams on the Ranked Teams ladder at the time of the ladder lock. If an insufficient number of teams are in Challenger Tier, the spots will be replaced by byes. The teams will be placed by standard bracket seeding, and compete in a single elimination Best of 3 (Bo3) format until two teams remain. These two teams will join the four pre-qualified teams from the previous split in the next Challenger Series.

The ladder will lock for the 2015 Summer Split on May 18 at 12:00pm local time (Pacific / Berlin).

Challenger Series Format

Each of the six teams will play one another every week in two Best of 1 matches -- one game on each side of the map. Both matches will be played on the same week, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. The top four teams by win-loss record will advance to the CS Playoffs. Ties in win-loss will be broken according to LCS tiebreaker procedures, which are outlined in both the LCS and CS rules.

CS Playoffs Format

  • The four playoff teams will be seeded by regular season finish into a four-team bracket.
  • Winners of the first round will advance to the finals and play live a Best of 5 match at the LCS studio.
  • Losers of the first round will participate in the third place match.
  • The first round and third place match will all be online Bo3s.
  • High-seed teams will have side selection for odd-numbered games, and low-seed teams will have side selection for even-numbered games.

Match Days

All Challenger matches will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Players will be expected to be logged in to the Tournament Realm no later than 5:30pm local time, and lateness will be penalized through loss of bans or game forfeits as outlined in the CS ruleset.

Public Schedule and Rosters

Broadcast schedules and Active Rosters of all participating teams will be maintained publicly on CS officials will provide detailed schedules directly to teams.

The complete CS Rules document can be downloaded here.

For a breakdown of changes and updates, visit our changelog.

Eligibility & Roster Rules

Eligibility and Release Form

All players are required to sign and submit an Eligibility and Release Form prior to participating in any Challenger Series match. The form will be provided to teams on the day of the ladder lock, and must be returned before a player receives a Tournament Realm (TR) account.

Age Requirement

All players must be at least 16 years of age to participate in the Challenger Series. Players below the age of 18 will need additional parental or guardian signatures on their Eligibility and Release Form.

Active Roster and Movement Between Phases

All players listed on a team's roster, whether starters or subs, are referred to as the Active Roster. For Ranked Teams, their Active Roster is defined by the players on the Ranked Team at the time of the ladder lock. For pre-qualified teams, their Active Roster is defined by the rostered players at the time of their final match in the previous competition (whether Expansion Tournament, Promotion, or previous Challenger Series).

Active Roster Changes Between Series

Teams must start at least 3 members of their previous Active Roster when participating in their first Challenger Series game of a new split regardless of where they enter or where they qualified from. After their first game (either single game or first game of a Qualifier Best of 3), they are free to play members on their roster in any combination.

LCS Eligibility

Teams must start at least 3 players who are LCS-eligible for every game. For detailed information about LCS eligibility, refer to the LCS ruleset. Teams participating in the Challenger Playoffs are required to field a full team of LCS-eligible players for every game.

Residency Requirements

All Challenger Series teams must abide by the rules detailed in the Interregional Movement Policy. Teams will be required to submit paperwork to prove their regional status and at least 3 starting players in each game must have confirmed Resident status. Players without sufficient paperwork will be deemed non-residents, which may disqualify them from participation.

Team Size

Teams are required to have active rosters of 6 to 9 players during Qualifiers. All teams must have an active 6th player on their roster for the duration of Qualifiers. During the Challenger Series, teams are required to be between 7 and 10 players in the regular season.

Required Team Information

On the day of the ladder lock, all qualifying teams and several alternate teams will be contacted by CS officials at the email addresses associated with each League of Legends account on your ranked team, so make sure your emails are accurate! Teams will be required to submit information about their team and all players.

Name and Team Tag Requirements

Team and Summoner names are subject to stricter requirements for Qualifiers and Challenger Series. Player or team names containing vulgarities or obscenities in any language, LoL champion derivatives or other similar character names, special characters, or derivatives of products or services that may create confusion are unacceptable. Summoner names cannot exceed 12 characters, including spaces.

Team tags must consist of 2 or 3 uppercase letters or numbers, and will be included at the beginning of every summoner name with a space.

Roster Declaration

Teams must confirm the participation of each player on their roster. Teams will be allowed to add players not on their Active Roster prior to the start of matches, but any players added later than Friday will not be eligible to play in the team’s first game. Teams must provide a primary position for each player, as well as an informal, non-binding list of starting players.

Team Logos

All teams are required to submit a high-quality logo in scalable/vector format:

  • Acceptable: PDF, EPS, AI
  • Unacceptable: PNG, JPG, JPEG, any bitmap file types

The logo must be prepared for a dark and light background, be readable in large and small sizes, and not contain any copyrighted or inappropriate words or images. For examples of logo usage, refer to any recent LCS, CS, or World Champion broadcast and Team page on

Player and Team Bios

Teams will be required to submit some biographical information about the team and each player, including current city, former Summoner names, and competitive history. Biography forms are available here (download links coming soon).

Player Photos

All players are required to submit a picture of themselves for use on their player profile. All photos must meet the following requirements:

  • Clear, high-resolution digital file format
  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • In front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Full-face view directly facing the camera
  • Bearing a neutral or smiling expression with both eyes open and arms at sides
  • Wearing a plain, single-color, non-branded shirt that contrasts from the backdrop
  • View from hip up
  • Good lighting

Here is an example of shot framing and using appropriate background. Note the player is wearing a jersey. See shirt requirements listed above.

Technical Information

Tournament Realm

All matches will be held on a Tournament Realm client, which is separate from the Live clients and requires special considerations for proper use. Instructions for download and setup will be provided upon qualification. Players are responsible for ensuring the stability of their setup. Riot staff will be available to remotely assist players with any problems, but teams must be proactive in testing and reaching out for assistance.

Tournament Realm Accounts

TR accounts will be provided upon confirmation of all required information, including eligibility and residency paperwork. Players will receive an account that will be available to them on the TR for the duration of the year.

DDoS Guide

To help players protect themselves from malicious attacks on their personal connections, follow the DDoS Prevention Guide in its entirety. Of note, a DDoS attack is not a valid excuse for missing a scheduled match time.

Check-In Process

All players will be required to attend a Technical Check-In on Monday before their first match. This is accomplished by logging into the TR, meeting a CS official in a chat room, and confirming that your in-game settings have been tested to satisfaction. Teams failing to attend the Check-In risk disqualification.