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Alliance | LoL Esports

Founded: December, 2013

Nationality: Europe

Rising from the ashes of the old Evil Geniuses roster, Alliance quickly became the dominant team in Europe in their second split. Since then, they have acquired one of the best AD carries in the LCS, and look to continue their dominance and retain their #1 spot.


Record3W - 3L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

Anchored by two former EG solo laners, Froggen and Wickd, Alliance hit the EU LCS scene with high expectations. But a lack of prep time and obvious synergy issues left them wanting.

While their LCS debut was less than stellar, the team rallied around prodigious mid laner, Froggen, and came into the 2014 summer split with a vengeance. Knocking down their opponents one by one, Alliance forged a path straight through to the EU LCS Summer playoffs where they enjoyed a well-earned bye week. The team was none the weaker for the rest and took the top spot in the playoffs with ease, earning themselves a prime seed for 2014 Worlds. After an impressive Worlds run, with victories over Najin White Shield and Cloud9, Alliance dropped a game to the Brazilian team, Kabum and failed to escape the Group Stages. Aggressive trades by almost every Europen scene has left the rest of the scene precarious, and in the mayhem, Alliance picked up top AD Carry Rekkles. With the young superstar AD carry on top of their previously dominant roster, Alliance is a clear favorite for the #1 spot in Europe.